1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts and Tips: Top-Rated Favorites from Sewing Fans and Master Teachers

1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts and Tips: Top-Rated Favorites from Sewing Fans and Master Teachers

Deepika Prakash

Language: English

Pages: 169

ISBN: 2:00187003

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book contains the best hands-on insider sewing tips from the popular sewing website PatternReview.com, a community of more than 170,000 members. The entries are collected from the website’s enormous database of members’ shared comments and advice, rated by hits and reviews. Also included are five special how-to features by PatternReview.com's master teachers and pattern designers, who regularly conduct online chats and workshops (including Kenneth King, Susan Khalje, Sarah Veblen, Shannon Gifford, and Anna Mazur).

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treated this way, it’s probably smart to test wash them first (pop in a lingerie bag), but I used mine on something I don’t expect to wear often, maybe two or at most three times a year, so it’s not like it will get a lot of time in the washer and dryer. —ryan’s mom clever button ideaS 942 Need stunning buttons for a jacket? how about jeweled dress clips for a 30s style gown? Go shopping for a jeweled stretch bracelet—the kind with small ornaments strung on elastic. I got a fab example quite

opening. the stablizer helps hold down the fuzzy pile so that the buttonhole looks more professional and also adds strength. 461 Topstitching. Most topstitching is completely lost in velvet, which may not matter if you need to do this for construction purposes only. If you want the topstitching to stand out more, use a triple straight stitch but remember that this will leave very large needle holes if you need to remove stitches. 462 wrinkle removal. throw the wrinkled garment in the dryer

the bobbin from sliding off. —Deepika wOOlly nylOn RuleS Metallic thread know-how Quilting (and sewing) with metallic thread can be an exercise in frustration. CharityAK has learned a few things that can lessen your frustration levels. 512 Use a metallic needle. You can also try a topstitching needle. 513 Loosen the upper tension. 514 Use a longer stitch length. 515 try running a line of Sewer’s Aid (a lubricant) across your spool of thread. Put another drop at the top of your needle.

edges with sealing tape. I set this pressing board on my cutting table with a vinyl chair mat underneath as a waterproof barrier. —patsijean My ironing board cover is easy to put on and take off, and is rock solid on my board. I made the cover from a wool fabric and cotton to cover it, both cut to size plus several inches to wrap over the edge of the board. I serged the edge of the cotton and added buttons about five inches apart all around. to affix the cover, I connected the buttons with

perfect! the tape acts as a temporary stabilizer and provides a straight edge to guide your stitching. Of course, you will want to test your fabric to make sure the tape won’t mar it. to avoid problems, I recommend sewing right after applying the tape and then removing the tape before you press the garment. —nanflan 855 the coverstitch hems on my stretchy knit t-shirts have been coming out really wavy. I decided to cut strips of water-soluble stabilizer and place under the fabric when sewing

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