100 Sexiest Women in Comics (Comics Buyer's Guide)

100 Sexiest Women in Comics (Comics Buyer's Guide)

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Pages: 64

ISBN: 1440229880

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For decades, fans have known the secret identities and powers of the beautiful women found in the comic book universe. Now you can savor the visual delights of the 100 Sexiest Women of Comics. From Aspen and Catwoman to Sue Storm and Zatanna, we rank 'em—and tell you a bit about their comics careers in this eye-popping and revealing book.

Face it, tiger—you just hit the jackpot!

Black Widow: Forever Red (Black Widow, Book 1)

2011 Children Action Comics Special

Vater und Sohn: 150 Bildgeschichten

Batman. Serenata nocturna: El origen del Caballero Oscuro

Rogue Touch

From Hell Companion



















pages) but was, rather, an amorous adventuress who easily kept up with The Caped Crusader. BLACK CANARY # 26 What is it about fishnets that make them so alluring? They’re not useful for crimefighting, proving more of a distrac — Wh … what were we talking about again? BLACK CAT # 27 Felicia Hardy may have followed in her cat-burglar father’s footsteps, but she sure didn’t adopt his costume. Watch out if you cross this lady, however, since she has bad-luck powers. CLEA # 28

Scott Pilgrim to defeat. The payoff must be worth it. LORI LEMARIS # 71 She’s no Ariel (note the cocktail dress and pearls in place of strategically placed seashells), but Lori’s mysterious past and special needs attracted Clark Kent in college. SILK SATIN # 72 Of the many gorgeous women who were attracted to The Spirit, Silk was one of the few who worked as an investigator. So we can’t call her a “bad girl.” She was just drawn that way. SAND SEREF # 73 A childhood

when the couple attended a ball. Mistaken for her boyfriend by his avian friends, the pretty debutante went on a mission, found she liked the danger, and “persuaded” Hawkman to let her keep fighting crime. Of course, she did. MERA # 81 Talk about long-distance relationships: Aquaman’s lady love hailed from another dimension. Her claim to fame? Hard-water powers. Was her main enemy The Culligan Man? CHERRY POPSTAR (NEE POPTART) # 82 The star of Larry Welz’ X-rated series may have

Ivan Reis Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire, Mera Anna Rigby Cassie Hack Marshall Rogers Silver St. Cloud John Romita Jr. Dazzler Mike Sekowsky Zatanna Jeff Shultz Betty Cooper Dave Sim Jaka Joe Sinnott Spider-Woman, Thundra Jim Steranko Shanna Dave Stevens Valkyrie Curt Swan Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris Sana Takeda Ms. Marvel Art Thibert Poison Ivy Frank Thorne Red Sonja Bruce Timm Harley Quinn Michael Turner Aspen, Witchblade Al Vey Scarlet Witch Bill Ward Torchy Robert Webb Sheena

Larry Welz Cherry Judd Winick Marshal Carrie Stetko Bill Woggon Katy Keene Wally Wood Power Girl Many fine artists from the 1930s to today have provided beautiful images of our favorite characters: some of which they originated, some of which they re-imagined. These creators have produced the images in this book. We thank them all for their wonderful work. Copyright © 2011 F+W Media, Inc. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or

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