200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments & Trims: Contemporary designs for embellishing all of your accessories

200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments & Trims: Contemporary designs for embellishing all of your accessories

Claire Crompton

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0715338439

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Over 200 all-new crochet stitches, embellishments and trims make this the one-stop shop for all creative crocheters. Every stitch is shown as a clear swatch to show the effect and texture, and the pattern is given both written and as an easy-to-follow diagram. Conveniently grouped crochet motifs, stitches and edgings allow for easy browsing and location of favorites. Teaches crafters how to make the best of the textural, 3D nature of crochet - perfect when fabrics and knitting just don't cut it!

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ring, turn. Row 1 1 ch, into 9 ch sp work (2 sc, 4 ch, sl st in 4th ch from hook) 4 times, 2 sc into same sp, (1 sc into next tr, 1 sc into next ch sp) 3 times, 5 ch, miss 1 tr, (1 sc into next ch sp, 1 sc into next tr) 3 times, turn. Row 2 8 ch, (1 dtr, 1 ch) 6 times into ring, 1 dtr into ring, 9 ch, sl st into ring, turn. Rep rows 1 and 2. Blossom Braid Make 9 ch. Foundation Row 1 dc into 7th ch from hook, 1 dc into each of last 2 ch. Row 1 6 ch, 6 dc into 6 ch sp. Row 2 (3 ch, sl st

Mexican Edging Make a foundation ch of a multiple of 18 ch plus an extra 14 ch. Row 1 1 sc into 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc into every ch to end. Row 2 1 ch, 1 sc into first sc, * 5 ch, miss 5 sc, 1 sc into next sc; rep from * to end. Row 3 3 ch, 1 dc into first sc, 3 ch, 1 sc into first 5 ch sp, * 10 ch, 1 sc into next 5 ch sp, (5 ch, 1 sc into next 5 ch sp) twice; rep from * to last 5 ch sp, 10 ch, 1 sc into last 5 ch sp, 3 ch, 1 dc into last sc. Row 4 (tr2tog, 5 ch) 7 times into each 10 ch sp

together, the thicker the yarn. However, just to confuse things, plies can be different thicknesses themselves. A tightly spun ply will be thinner than a loosely spun one. For example, a 2ply Shetland wool yarn crochets up to fine-weight (or 4ply) gauge, but a thick Lopi yarn (a type of wool traditionally sourced from Iceland) is a single ply. Yarn Weight Standards In this book, we refer to weight using the standard developed by the Craft Yarn Council of America, which divides yarns into weight

rather than number of plies. The projects in this book are included to inspire your own ideas, so the yarn references are kept only to the weight rather than mentioning specific yarns. This means that you can use any yarn that is the same weight to make a similar project. Yarn manufacturers in the US and in the UK sometimes use different names to identify the same weight of yarn. Where they differ, I have included both in the following table. Throughout this book, we give the US weight first,

3 ch sp. Rnd 2 3 ch (counts as 1 dc), 2 dc into first 3 ch sp, (2 ch, 3 dc into next 3 ch sp) 9 times, 2 ch, sl st into 3rd of 3 ch. Rnd 3 6 ch (counts as 1 dc and 3 ch), (3 dc into next 2 ch sp, 3 ch) 9 times, 2 dc into last 2 ch sp, sl st to 3rd of 6 ch. Fasten off. Picot Circle Make 6 ch and join with sl st to form a ring. Rnd 1 3 ch (counts as 1 dc), 1 dc into ring, (3 ch, sl st into 3rd ch from hook, 3 dc into ring) 7 times, 3 ch, sl st into 3rd ch from hook, 1 dc into ring, sl st into

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