27: Jim Morrison (The 27 Club Series Book 6)

27: Jim Morrison (The 27 Club Series Book 6)

Chris Salewicz

Language: English

Pages: 480


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jim Morrison, musician, singer and poet was found dead, the victim of a suspected heroin overdose, in a Paris apartment bathtub in 1971. He was 27.

Morrison was a talented, charismatic, wild-tempered cultural cipher. He struggled to cope with his exalted status and his death, officially from heart failure, remains shrouded in mystery.

In 27: Jim Morrison, acclaimed music critic Chris Salewicz pays homage to Morrison as a rock icon, whilst acknowledging the dark side of this conflicted character.

It is the sixth title in a series of exclusive music ebooks, an ambitious project examining the perils of genius, celebrity and excess. Other titles in the series include 27: Amy Winehouse, 27: Kurt Cobain, 27: Jimi Hendrix and 27: Janis Joplin.

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tableaux that defined the era, the second half of the much mythologized Sixties: the youth riot on Los Angeles’s Sunset Strip in 1966, two months before the release of their first album; the Summer of Love the next year in San Francisco; the emergence of Andy Warhol’s New York pop art subculture; the Kent State shootings; Charles Manson and his madness; the moon landing; the murders of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy in 1968; the My Lai massacre and the debacle of the Vietnam War; the

the election two days previously of a new president, the Republican Richard Nixon. He encouraged the audience to stand and come up to the stage. When some 500 kids did so, they were pushed back by police – their response was to shower police officers with garbage. Several people were arrested. The local Arizona Highway Patrol captain had come close, he said later, to arresting Jim Morrison for his use of vulgar and obscene language. Having got away with this in Phoenix, in St Louis the singer

their second album, having used up most of their best material on their first release, Strange Days only improved on the first LP. Jim Morrison was now embedded as a fixture at The Scene, a status he exploited when The Doors returned to New York City, to headline on 22 and 23 March with two shows a night at the newly opened Fillmore East, becoming only the second act to top the bill at the venue. Prior to these dates, The Doors played shows in Hamilton, Rochester and Boston. The concerts in

soon bailed, and the case fell apart when O’Leno surfaced in Los Angeles. Later, it was suggested that all three had been beaten by police in New Mexico, or that O’Leno and Jim Morrison had come to blows over a girl. In February 1966 The Doors auditioned for an utterly undistinguished club on the Sunset Strip, the London Fog. It had virtually no audience, apart from local hookers and alcoholic lowlife. But they got the gig, beginning later that month. Playing from Thursday to Sunday, The Doors

he remain and check out The Doors’ next set. Exhausted after a flight from New York City, Holzman did not at first get them. Arthur Lee was so persuasive that Holzman returned to watch their next four shows, finally understanding and falling utterly for The Doors, and offering to sign them. ‘Love had gotten my foot in the rock door, and now I needed a second group to give Elektra more of that kind of credibility, but The Doors weren’t showing it to me,’ wrote Holzman in his autobiography Follow

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