59 Minutes

59 Minutes

Gordon Brown

Language: English

Pages: 178


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When it comes to revenge - timing is everything. Enter the world of a Glasgow criminal as he rises to become one of the most powerful crime lords in the UK, only to have it all ripped away from him. Imprisoned, then reduced to a life on the street, he becomes hell bent on vengeance.

Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger's Irish Mob

Invisible Prey (Lucas Davenport, Book 17)


Psychology in Practice: Crime

Forensics For Dummies

The Kind One












Catherine’s dock.’ ‘And? Were they connected?’ ‘Rumour mill says so. Add to that about half a dozen of both Eddie’s and Chuck’s senior crew going missing and you can see a pattern.’ ‘Fuck. That’s serious shit.’ ‘Could be. Might just be a turf war. I left London before Chuck went for a dip so I’m a little out of touch.’ I knew how hard it had been for Martin to come home. He’d offered up a raft of future favours to Mr Read before he was allowed back. Read had taken his offers and tripled

council house. I relied on Martin to mothball my homes back north and keep things going. I had him ship me my clothes and a few bits and pieces. When the package arrived I realised, not for the first time, that when it came down to it, I really needed very little of my worldly goods to move on. I was based in Blackheath in an apartment not far from the grass. From day one I was Jock unless the person was face to face with me when I was Sir. I had a learning curve that made going to the moon

out, the guy behind ‘the Nose’s’ early demise. He had played hard and won hard right into the seventies and then, when everything got that much more complicated, he jumped ship to Spain. Over the years his name came up, usually when something shit went down on my patch. He might have moved to Spain but he was still a mover in Glasgow. I met him once. It was at the funeral of an old ex con called Si Parker. A con artist of the old school - a brilliant impersonator and right up to his dying days

on it and grabbed the sheet with ATV9AXLPCIU4D8I3AT5RIPNLC4A903753Q0201 on it. 1,3,5,7 and so on - what if the disc’s owner had used this for the key as well as the code for the disc. I scribbled down only the characters that related to the odd numbers. It read Avalcudia5inca07300 - or Av Alcudia 5, Inca, 07300 I cracked a bottle of seriously expensive wine ten seconds later. The next part was easy. I applied the same logic to the other sheet and came up with compte13214alacontrasenyaryder.

something in return.’ ‘What?’ ‘When I left, you took on my office. I never had the chance to clear it out.’ I remembered the office well. It wasn’t quite in the same league as this room but you could see that he was on his way to a full blown life that revolved around Queen Victoria and her subjects. ‘There was a globe of the world that sat next to the window. Do you remember it?’ I did. It was a huge beast. ‘Do you know where it is?’ It was my turn to laugh. Of all the bizarre things to

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