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Fillings I large tbsp chopped fresh herbs diced ham 2 tbsp grated cheese a little meat or mushrooms in sauce (serves one) Beat eggs with water and seasoning until just amalgamated, about 30 strokes with a fork. Add herbs or diced ham. Heat pan, add butter and swirl round as it melts. As soon as frothing stops, add omelette mixture in one go. Start moving pan across heat and use fork to move cooked mixture away from bottom of pan, allowing liquid, uncooked mixture to run underneath. For other

small crisp lettuce, 6-8 anchovy fillets shredded 8-10 sweet black olives a crushed clove of garlic few basil leaves 4 firm tomatoes, peeled, quartered, deseeded, salted and drained 2 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and quartered green pepper, shredded handful green beans, cooked lightly in salted water French dressing made with tarragon vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt & freshly ground black pepper Place lettuce in bottom of bowl or shallow dish, arrange the drained tomatoes, eggs, pepper, beans,

anchovies and olives on top. At the last minute sprinkle with dressing and tear the basil leaves over. 12 Quiche Lorraine The traditional quiche comes from Lorraine in the North of France and never contains onion. Sometimes a little Gruyere cheese is added with the bacon but not by purists. Double or heavy cream would have been used originally but single cream, or a mixture of cream and milk, can be used very successfully. Shortcrust Pastry 6 oz/ 150 gl scant 11/2 4 oz/ 100 g/ 1/2 cup cups

stock, timing their addition so all are ready at the same time as the meat, or separately. Keep cooked meat and vegetables warm. Degrease stock then strain. Reduce if necessary; check seasoning. Slice meat and arrange on a dish, surrounding with second lot of vegetables; pour a little stock over. Serve some of remaining stock in soup bowls. Then serve the meat and vegetables garnished with a little parsley and accompanied by coarse sea salt, pickled onions and some gherkins. 34 Boeuf a Id

Poach on other side for I min then remove to double-layer kitchen paper to drain. Poach as many eggs together as pan will comfortably hold, remembering they swell as they cook. Place cooled custard in shallow dish and arrange 'eggs' on top. Put sugar lumps in small saucepan, sprinkle with water; heat steadily until sugar is melted and caramelised to golden brown. Immediately trickle this over eggs in lacy pattern. Chill dish until ready to serve. Vin Chaid dux Epices It is not necessary to use a

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