A Question of Belief

A Question of Belief

Donna Leon

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0143118951

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Brunetti is a marvel: smart, cultured, and dedicated to his work." --The Washington Post

Commissario Guido Brunetti longs to escape the crowds of tourists and oppressive heat of Venice in August. But before he can join his family on holiday in the mountains, a folder containing court records lands on his desk. An old friend suspects a sinister motive behind a local court's notorious inefficiency. Meanwhile, Brunetti's colleague, Inspector Lorenzo Vianello, is concerned about his aunt's sudden- and expensive-interest in astrology and enlists the commissario's help. Just when it seems Brunetti will be able to make his getaway, a brutal crime shocks the city and he forces himself to shake off the heat and get down to work.

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advantage was that the angle of light turned the agency window into a giant mirror, in which he soon saw the approaching reflection of an old woman with a brown bag over her shoulder. But her hands no longer grasped the straps and the bag hung ignored at her side. She walked towards him while Brunetti studied the photo of a mansard apartment in Santa Croce, a mere half-million Euros for sixty square metres. ‘Lunacy,’ he whispered. The woman turned to the right, then left into the calle going

without a licence. ‘Two years ago,’ she continued, ‘he changed his residence to the address you gave me, but he is not the person in whose name the rental contract is written.’ ‘Who is that?’ ‘A woman named Elvira Montini.’ ‘Who is?’ ‘Who works as a lab technician at the Ospedale Civile.’ ‘Maybe he’s gone straight,’ Brunetti suggested. She raised her eyebrows at this idea but said nothing. ‘Have you found any indication of what he’s doing?’ ‘For all I can find, he could be devoting

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turned to Foa to tell him to wait for them, and they walked quickly into the Ospedale, trying to look like men in a hurry for medical reasons. The trip couldn’t have taken them five minutes. Brunetti led the way, along the side of the cloister, then to the left and up the stairs towards the laboratory. The door to the lab stood at the end of a corridor, and in front of the door to the corridor stood five people, three of them wearing white lab jackets and two the blue uniforms of guards.

ask a question. To clarify something. And sometimes the answers people give me prompt me to be surprised, and then they tell me more about it, or they tell me other things. And over the years they’ve come to think it’s my business to know about everything.’ ‘And people trust you to take things like this,’ Brunetti said, ‘out of the Tribunale.’ Brusca nodded, but it was such a sober nod that Brunetti asked, ‘Because you are pure of heart and clean of limb?’ Brusca laughed and the mood of the

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