A Triumph of Souls (Journeys of the Catechist, Book 3)

A Triumph of Souls (Journeys of the Catechist, Book 3)

Alan Dean Foster

Language: English

Pages: 243

ISBN: 0446609307

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Arriving in the land of Ehl-Larimar, he and his loyal friends face their greatest battle: thwarting Themaryl's powerful captor, Hymneth the Possessed. For the first time, the friends are wondering whether the price of victory may be too dear.

Originally published 2000 by Aspect.

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herdsman’s chest, Simna’s eyes grew wide as he detected no sound from within. Hastily moistening a palm, he held it in front of the herdsman’s unmoving lips. Nothing cooled his skin. “It can’t be.” He drew back from the motionless body. “It can’t be.” Dipping his maned head low over the prostrate form, Ahlitah listened and sniffed once, twice. Then yellow eyes rose, flicking first in the direction of Hymneth the Possessed, then meeting those of the stricken swordsman. “It’s over, Simna. He’s

treasures to be found.” Grinning, he turned and marched off in the direction of the helm, where Stanager Rose was conversing with Priget. “Be careful,” the herdsman called after him. “Why?” Simna smiled back over his shoulder. “Afraid I might figure out how to see her ‘light’?” “No,” Ehomba responded. “Afraid that you might see it. You’re all too easily blinded by such things, Simna ibn Sind.” VIII After so long out of sight of land (the Tilo Islands being a horrific recollection that every

last moment, and Hunkapa Aub was knocked to his knees. Wrenching its head from the mud in which it had been buried, the great eel whipped around to confront its assailant. Normally placid and somnolent during the heat of the day, it could no longer ignore the stabbing annoyance near the center of its spine. Rising from the shallows, it arched skyward for an instant to get its bearings. Tooth-lined jaws parted in the middle of the streamlined green-black head while tiny black eyes struggled to

had a hand over his mouth and was shaking his head slowly as he strode along. Simna’s expression darkened. “Very funny, long bruther. Oh, vastly amusing, yes! Scare the insides out of a man one minute and make him the butt of jokes the next! How clever you are, how witty! How droll.” Rejoining the group, he fell in step behind the herdsman, forswearing his company. Padding up alongside him, Ahlitah was uncharacteristically sympathetic. “I understand, little man. Don’t take it to heart. If

from somewhere on the road not far below. It carried with it all the horror of death without dying, of some finely conceived yet transitory torture. It expressed eloquently the shock of sudden realization of an exquisite torment artfully delivered. Pausing before the last soldier in line, Hymneth smiled, his revealed teeth concealed behind the protective steel. “Good job, soldier.” Reaching out, he patted the white-and-black gelding firmly on the side of its neck. The horse reacted with a

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