A Very Good Idea

A Very Good Idea

M. C. Badger

Language: English

Pages: 17

ISBN: 1742976247

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A warm, inventive and funny series about three siblings who live by their own rules. The Tinklers Three celebrates the freedom and inventiveness of childhood – when the ordinary can become extraordinary. Marcus and Mila Tinkler are very good at climbing. But can they go from their house to the town clock tower without once touching the ground? It won't be easy. It will probably be dangerous. And almost certainly dirty. It's a very good idea!

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MILA swung from the doorframe onto their rocket ship made of ice-cream sticks in the hallway. From there they leapt onto an upside-down metal pot. From the pot they hopped onto the rabbit hutch. From the rabbit hutch they climbed onto a crate full of Turtle’s sticks. Then they jumped up and caught hold of a model solar system hanging from the ceiling, and swung over to a lump of space rock, which they had carried home from the park the week before. From the space rock it was easy to hop onto the

But before Marcus could say no, Mila sneezed. Phew! thought Marcus. Mila must have an idea. So he was very surprised when Mila said, ‘We would LOVE to play Ludo!’ What was going on? ‘Well, come inside then,’ said Mrs Splatley. But Mila shook her head. ‘First I need a tray. A big one, please.’ ‘What for?’ asked Mrs Splatley. ‘We have our own special way of playing Ludo,’ said Mila. ‘I’ll show you.’ Then she winked at Marcus. Ah, thought Marcus. Mila has a plan after all. Mr Splatley went

roofs were very close together. So close that Marcus and Mila could jump from one building to the next. Of course, most children would not be able to do this. It was only possible because circus children have extra-springy feet and no-one to tell them off. The Tinklers Three ran and jumped from one roof to another. They ran around chimneys and satellite dishes. They ran through rooftop gardens. And when they needed to cool down they swam through swimming pools. They ran and they jumped until

They think they are dirty. But the Tinklers liked them. Marcus liked feeding them bits of seed bread out of the window. Mila liked wearing their nests as hats. ‘Maybe that bird will fly us across to the clock tower,’ said Mila. ‘If we ask it politely.’ Now, of course, most people know that you can’t talk to birds. But no-one had ever told the Tinklers this. Marcus nodded. ‘That’s a good idea.’ He turned to the pigeon. ‘Excuse me, bird. Could you fly us over to the clock tower? If we don’t get

flapping, giant bird. The Tinklers looked at the giant bird. ‘I think,’ said Marcus slowly, ‘that they want us to climb onto their backs.’ Mila nodded. ‘Yes, that’s exactly what they want.’ So that is what the Tinklers Three did. Flying on a giant bird made from smaller birds is not easy. It is even harder when there is a wind blowing and you are up very high and you are carrying your little sister on your shoulders. But the Tinklers, as you know, are circus children, so they had no problems

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