Age of Satan (The Pantheon Series)

Age of Satan (The Pantheon Series)

James Lovegrove

Language: English

Pages: 107


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

1968. Guy Lucas, son a murdered British diplomat, is sent to an old-fashioned boarding school, where he is bullied and abused. A fellow student persuades him to perform a black mass and plead with Satan to intervene, with horrific consequences.
For the next ten years, the shadow of Satan is cast across his life; he flees, across the sea and into obscurity, but tragedy follows him.
Eventually, he must confront the Devil, and learn the truth about himself...

los Premios

Fortune of Fear (Mission Earth, Book 5)

Horse Love (The Saddle Club, Book 93)

Stones from the River

Such Wicked Intent (The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein, Book 2)

Weavers of War (Winds of the Forelands, Book 5)













decide in.” “Considering following in your father’s footsteps? Something in politics or the corps diplomatique?” “I’ve not really thought about it.” “You should,” said Wylie. “I can see you in Whitehall, striding the corridors of power. You have that air about you. An intelligent young man, well-spoken, reasonably well-groomed – at least, nothing that a shave and haircut couldn’t fix. Someone like you could go places, Guy.” “Um, thanks. Really, I just don’t know. I want to enjoy life. I’m not

almost opaque. Her lips were slightly parted, as though she had something to tell him. Guy sank to his knees. He retched. Vomited. Molly. A POLICEMAN FOUND the suicide note. Guy, once he had managed to stumble outside and raise the alarm, hadn’t dared go back in. The constable who arrived first on the scene handed the envelope to him, saying, “I think this is for you.” It had Guy’s name on the front. It bore traces of Molly’s scent – lilies and clean laundry. Specks of her blood, also.

–” His mother took hold of Wylie’s hand. “Alastor went down on one knee. I said yes. We’ve been going out together nearly three years. It’s about time he made an honest woman of me.” “All this time I’ve thought of myself as a confirmed bachelor,” said Wylie. “Seems I was just waiting for the right girl to come along. Of course, we’d like your blessing, Guy,” he added, “if at all possible. I’d be pleased if you were happy about the arrangement. After all, I am going to be your stepfather.” “Uh,

with scare tactics and smear campaigns. Despite that, Black Flame MPs were swept to victory all across the land. Guy Lucas, their leader, became prime minister. Wylie, who had had some involvement in orchestrating opposition to the Black Flame, keeled over from a heart attack two days after the election. He died a week later, of complications. Guy delivered a moving eulogy at the funeral. His mother was inordinately proud of him and told anyone who would listen that her son had been Wylie’s

recognition, but just enough of his face remained, to enable identification. It was assumed, not unreasonably, that the fire had been caused by a stray cigarette ash falling onto the insulation lagging and setting it alight. Mr Hemingway called an assembly and delivered a long lecture on the perils and pitfalls of smoking. “Filthy habit and, as we’re now all too well aware, deadly dangerous too.” He expressed relief that the fire had been contained and the disaster had not been significantly

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