Agent Q, or the Smell of Danger! (Pals in Peril, Book 4)

Agent Q, or the Smell of Danger! (Pals in Peril, Book 4)

M. T. Anderson

Language: English

Pages: 99


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It's time for Lily, Katie, and Jasper to head home from their exciting Delaware adventure, but the Awful Autarch's spies and goons are everywhere, and it's clear that *they* have other plans for our three intrepid heroes. Chock full of ups, downs, twists, turns, and even a band of sentient lobsters fighting on the side of Good, this fourth installment of the Pals in Peril series is every bit as wild, wacky, and wonderfully outrageous as the first three.

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now. Blimps were rising and falling around them. Six-armed dockworkers drove forklifts in muddy yards. Hit! The van was hit! The tire popped with a smack! The van began to rattle, agitated. Clunk—wobbling—one tire flat! The rim biting rubber! Screeched around a corner—the cops after them— The van shot through a gate. Lily saw it was a dead end. The gate slammed shut behind them. Outside, the cops pulled up by the shut gate, waited. Bntno roared past, squealed to a stop. He pulled back.

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“Well,” said the guard, “so what is the p—?” “Go ask the ocean,” spat the Committee, and pressed a button. The guard disappeared into a trapdoor that presumably led to the sea. There was a long, echoing yelp. The Committee turned back to Bvletch. “Fine. Good, citizen,” he said. “Shall we begin?” He stood, drawing himself up to his full witch-broom length. He pondered for a moment, looking shrewdly at his monkish prisoner. “It really would be better if I had metal gloves, wouldn’t it?” he

cevapcici? Ringing the changes on the old burger of yesteryear. Some lamb, some paprika—” “Three burgers,” exclaimed the waiter, scribbling on his pad. “Want Kraft slices on top?” “Yes, please!” said Lily. The man nodded and walked off. Taylor said, “I’ve been around the world in my line of work, being a secret agent, you know, which is what I do. And I guess I’ve come to appreciate a good hotel and a fine meal. Not that we’re going to get either one here.” He chuckled. “Cheers,” he said, “to

said Taylor, and snapped his phone shut. They all charged up the stairs. Lily was falling behind. She could hardly see, since the only source of light was coming out of Taylor Quizmo’s mouth, which was several mouths in front of hers. Katie slowed to urge her along. The nameless monk was behind them. He shouted threats still, but they could no longer hear the words. There were too many echoes, too much of the crack of hard shoe heels on brick. “Through here! We’re free!” said Taylor, slamming

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