Anna of Byzantium (Laurel-Leaf Books)

Anna of Byzantium (Laurel-Leaf Books)

Tracy Barrett

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0440415365

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For fans of Joan of Arc and Alexander the Great, comes "a gripping saga of alliances, intrigues, deceits, and treacheries" about Anna Comnena of the Byzantine Empire.

   Anna Comnena has every reason to feel entitled. She's a princess, her father's firstborn and his chosen successor. Someday she expects to sit on the throne and rule the vast Byzantine Empire. So the birth of a baby brother doesn't perturb her. Nor do the "barbarians" from foreign lands, who think only a son should ascend to power. Anna is as dismissive of them as are her father and his most trusted adviser--his mother, a manipulative woman with whom Anna studies the art of diplomacy. Anna relishes her lessons, proving adept at checkmating opponents in swift moves of mental chess. But as she matures into a young woman, her arrogance and intelligence threaten her grandmother. Anna will be no one's puppet. Almost overnight, Anna sees her dreams of power wrenched from her and bestowed on her little brother. Bitter at the betrayal, Anna waits to avenge herself, and to seize what is rightfully hers.

Praise for Anna of Byzantium:
A Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book
An ALA Quick Pick
An ALA Best Book for Young Adults
A Booklist Editor's Choice
A Booklist Top Ten Historical Fiction Pick

[STAR] "[Anna of Byzantium] involves readers in a gripping saga of alliances, intrigues, deceits, and treacheries worthy of a place among the tragic myths." — The Bulletin, Starred review

"In the tradition of E. L. Konigsburg's A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver and Karen Cushman's Catherine, Called Birdy comes this story of a real-life historical figure, Anna Commena, groomed to be the sovereign of the Byzantine empire…Barrett uses an effective first-person narrative to draw readers into Anna's story, and the author's precise use of detail helps re-create Anna's world, the palace of Constantinople in the ninth century. . . Readers will be caught up in…this exciting read."—Booklist, Boxed review

"A fascinating mix of history, mystery, and intrigue."-The Horn Book Magazine

"Barrett does a remarkable job of painting moods and emotions with spare, elegant sentences. . . This splendid novel about a neglected period of history is the perfect choice. . . Hard to imagine it being any better written." —VOYA

"This wonderfully engaging novel both entertains and serves as a lively history lesson with its well-researched background, dramatic plot and dimensional characters. Barrett's descriptive, engaging prose will draw readers into a fascinating historical time, filled with political intrigue and a complex, admirable teen protagonist who faces her changing future with an inspiring combination of heart and mind."— Wichita Eagle

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Byzantine Empire. But I hid my feelings and answered as casually as I could, “I have already learned much about statesmanship, and will have many advisors to help me. My grandmother, Anna Dalassena, is so trusted by my father that when he is away she rules in his place. And she will help me.” “How can someone help the empress?” asked the girl. “Why—she will tell me what to do. And I will do it,” I said. It seemed obvious. “Then won’t she really be the empress, and not you?” persisted Sophia.

tongue. “Who murdered him?” “He was not murdered, Your Majesty,” she said. “He fell in battle. They say he died instantly, and felt no pain.” Simon lowered me back to my chair, but I shooed him away. There was a drumming in my ears, and I began to tremble as I absorbed what I had heard. So Constantine was dead. He had been dead to me for a long time, at least officially. But I had still sometimes caught glimpses of him on the polo ground where we had first met, in the throne room, or in a

but Sophia. Sophia usually accompanied me to the library. I was under no illusion that she came for the joy of my company.I knew that she hoped to catch a glimpse of Malik, whom she rarely saw. At these times, I would pretend not to see them when they exchanged smiles, or even touched hands when they thought I was not looking. But he usually would be called upon to move a box, reach a book on a high shelf, or travel into the city to pick up something that Simon had ordered, and Sophia would join

resuming his duties. As for soldiering, it was doubtful that he would ever go on another campaign. Aside from this latest illness, he had long been troubled with gout and arthritis, making riding on horseback excruciatingly painful. And while earlier rulers had been carried to battle in a litter and observed the action from afar, my father had been a soldier for years before being proclaimed emperor, and I knew that he would never consent to such a humiliation. It was a joyous afternoon when the

convince her that we were much happier before the baby had been born, that Maria and I were surely enough for her. Maria’s nurse was occupied in trying to get her to sleep, in the bed she was sharing with me. Now I understood why she was not in her cradle anymore. Since no one was paying much attention to what I did, I slipped out of our bedroom and ran down the hall to my mother’s room. To my disappointment, I saw she was asleep, her face looking worn, and older than I remembered. Maria’s old

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