Back to the Future: Storybook

Back to the Future: Storybook

Language: English

Pages: 48

ISBN: 0552992291

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A World of Love

Against the Day

The Vulture and the Nigger Factory

Ghost House (Ghost House Saga, Book 1)

















with the group. At those times when they were really going well, he experienced the excitement of doing something new, of courting disaster and somehow coming away not only unscathed but also glorified. It was an out-of-body experience, bringing with it a sense of weightlessness, a feeling that no world existed outside the sphere reached by his music. Jennifer was terrific, of course. He was quite taken by her, even felt that he “loved” her in the most adult sense. She was beautiful and fun to

“Biff,” he replied miserably. Marty blanched. Was George’s assertion a product of his overdeveloped paranoia or a fact? The very thought of his mother going out with a first-degree creep such as Biff Tannen made his flesh crawl. He had never considered her a mental heavyweight, but she did have a certain amount of common sense and taste. Even allowing for youthful ignorance, Marty simply could not imagine Lorraine at any age being attracted to an insensitive clod like Biff. “I don’t think so,”

Tannen had negated all his efforts. According to Dale Carnegie, the book’s author, a man cannot remain hostile to you if you show him you’re sincerely interested in him. Biff Tannen had not only remained hostile, he had rubbed a hero sandwich in George’s face after George spent nearly a quarter hour testing his new philosophy on him. Girls proved no more malleable. Approaching them with a new positive attitude caused them to regard George McFly not only as a creep, but also as an insincere

stepped back and blasted it with a powerful uppercut. The bag recoiled nearly a foot. “Work on something like that,” he said. “Sure,” George nodded. He heaved a punch at the bag, then another. They weren’t championship punches but Marty noted with some satisfaction that at least he was learning to enjoy it. “Anger,” he prodded. “Anger.” “Right!” George growled. “Anger!” Lashing out with all his strength, George mistimed the sway of the bag and missed it completely. Whizzing past its

which would propel mankind into the past and future should be such an extraordinarily beautiful piece of machinery. There was no doubt in his mind as he closed the doors. “It will work,” he said softly. “And I’ll be famous.” All that remained was the final countdown check of minor items. Brown would handle that during the few hours before Marty arrived at the Twin Pines Mall and then, together, they would take a step as significant for mankind as the moon landing of 1969. It was getting dark

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