Becoming Bulletproof

Becoming Bulletproof

Tim Anderson, Mike McNiff

Language: English

Pages: 36

ISBN: 1619961962

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

We were made to move: to climb mountains, to swim lakes, to run trails, to jump creeks. We were designed to be fully capable of performing any task. We were made to be resilient. We were made to be bulletproof. Somewhere along the way most of us have lost our abilities to move, to run, to climb, to play, to live. We have become broken.

This doesn’t have to be. We can regain our movements. We can regain our resiliency. In Becoming Bulletproof you will learn how performing just four simple moves can help you to regain the body you were meant to have; a body that is strong, powerful, fast and graceful. A body that is capable of doing anything.

We don’t have to be broken. We don’t have to avoid things we love to do because they cause physical pain. We don’t have to waste away because we sit in chairs for most of our lives. We can learn how to move again. We can become strong again. We can engage and enjoy our lives. We can become bulletproof!

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as adults need to learn how to go outside and play. Play can be anything you enjoy doing. It can be a game of basketball, riding a bike, going out for a run, climbing a tree, or anything else you enjoy doing that gets you moving. It doesn’t matter what activity you chose for your play day, just DO SOMETHING! It can be almost anything as long as you do it. The more fun the better. Just 15 to 30 minutes, it doesn’t matter. Just do something – consistently (that is the key). Seriously, go find a

your eating. The most recent structure has been the very successful multiple meal plan. This is where an individual will consume anywhere from 4–6 small meals throughout the day. The idea behind this is to mimic the way a baby eats as he or she is growing. Supposedly this eating plan will stave off catabolism (muscle wasting) and prime your body for growth. It does work. I followed it myself for many years with good results. However, I started looking for better, i.e., easier ways to do things.

quickly allowing me to get back to a fasting/fat burning state. Three, the PeptoPro® is extremely high in L–Leucine, which is the principle amino responsible for protein synthesis. So, throughout the day I will just drink my PeptoPro®. Then, when it comes time for dinner, I will eat according to my hunger levels. I always take in a source of protein first, then eat whatever else I desire to fulfill my caloric requirements. This serves multiple functions for me as well. It allows me to have quite

you do? You want to know what Jack’s big secret was to his health and longevity? It was consistency. Every single day of his life, Jack exercised. Jack moved. Jack did something. He made a consistent effort to move his body everyday. And in his 90s he could still out work, out last and out perform most of this country’s population. Jack knew the secret to a happy, healthy life. More than that, Jack took action and applied that secret to his daily lifestyle. Jack did something every day.

injury! Athletically speaking, being a belly breather will allow you to be more efficient in your day to day activities, as well as your sport of choice. This is because you are able to take in more air, and you are not using as much energy by breathing with your accessory muscles. Muscles require energy to contract. Constantly using your accessory muscles to breathe has a metabolic cost; you tire more quickly. Being a belly breather may be one way to keep and/or regain a reflexively stable

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