Bella (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Puppy Place)

Bella (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Puppy Place)

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 0606227636

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Lizzie and her family take in Bella, a newborn cocker spaniel, as a foster dog, but Lizzie doubts her ability to care for a dog as young and ill as Bella.

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Can Be a Mom,’” she began. CHAPTER NINE Charles came in, still chewing on an apple. He joined Mom and Tina on the couch as Lizzie continued to read. “‘This week, my family is fostering a newborn puppy named Bella. Bella’s mom, Sissy, is sick, and Bella’s brothers died. Bella could have died, too. But she is going to make it. And I learned something from watching our dog, Buddy, help take care of Bella.’” Lizzie paused to give her next words special weight. She made eye contact with each of her

Bella over. Lizzie sighed. At least Buddy and Bella would not understand that they might soon be separated. And at least Lizzie would not have to be there to see Tina’s sweet smile disappear when she heard the news. Lizzie was not sure she would have the heart to give her Persuasive Essay speech in front of the whole class. She had been excited about revealing the secret of Bella to Maria, now that Bella was not only thriving but had found a home. But now the home might not work out — and would

slurping greedily. “She likes it,” Lizzie said. “Good,” Mom said. “The more of this she eats, the fewer bottles we’ll have to give her.” “And the better she’ll sleep.” Lizzie held up both hands, fingers crossed. “Hopefully.” But Bella’s cries woke Lizzie over and over again in the night. No matter how full her tummy was, Bella seemed to need to be held whenever she woke up. Mom and Dad kept telling Lizzie to stay in bed, but how could she sleep when she knew Bella needed her? Finally, at five

Chinese company, and they are twelve hours ahead of us, so I’m in my home office all night emailing back and forth. Then I have dinner at 5 A.M. or so, and go to bed soon after the sun rises.” She shrugged and laughed. “It’s kind of weird, I know. But I’m used to it.” The mystery was solved, just like that. Lizzie couldn’t wait to tell Maria. The answer was so simple. But Lizzie thought it must be lonesome to be Tina, on an opposite schedule from everyone else’s. As if Tina had read her mind,

at Lizzie’s heels as she went back downstairs. “Oh, can I hold her?” Tina asked, as soon as she saw Bella. “She’s so adorable.” Lizzie brought Bella over, and Tina began to pet the tiny puppy. Bella looked completely at home cuddled up in Tina’s lap. Buddy sat at Tina’s feet, leaning against the couch and gazing up at Bella. Lizzie picked up her essay and stood in front of the fireplace. She cleared her throat, stood up straight and tall, and took a deep breath. “My essay is called ‘Anybody

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