Billionaire Bairn: Billionaire Boy in Scots

Billionaire Bairn: Billionaire Boy in Scots

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 184502995X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ken Joe Spud? He's the warld's richest boay! He's got his ain Formula Yin racin caur and a rollercoaster in the back gairden. He's sae rich he maks paper aeroplanes oot o fifty poond notes and blaws his neb on them as weel. Joe Spud has awthin a laddie could ever want, but his money cannae buy the yin thing he really needs: a freend. . . Read David Walliams hilarious and touching story about the world's richest and loneliest lad, now in Scots for the first time.

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afraid.” “The yin efter that?” spiered the ither. “Completely...” stootered Boab, “...up tae ma oxters wi things and stuff I’ve got tae dae. Awfie sorry. It soonds like it wid be guid fun. Onywey, see yous twa the morra. Sorry, I wid love tae blether but I hae tae help Joe wi his litter duty. Cheerio!” “Ony weekend nixt year?” spiered the first Gubb. Boab stapped. “ year is awfie busy for me. Sae I’d really really love tae but I’m awfie awfie sorry...” “Hoo aboot the year

sterted gaun oot on dates wi an enless parade o Page 3 quines. Soon faither and son flitted oot o their tottie cooncil flet and intae a muckle stately hame. Mr Spud cawed it ‘BahookieWheech Touers’. The hoose wis sae muckle it wis visible fae ooter space. It taen five meenits jist tae motor up the drive. Hunners o newly-plantit, hopefu wee trees lined the mile-lang chuckie-stane track. The hoose had seeven kitchens, twal sittin rooms, forty-seeven bedrooms and eichty-nine cludgies. Even the

hunner poond a heid.” “Whit’s the pairty for, Da?” “Weel, I ken ye will be pleased tae ken that Sapphire and I are engaged tae be mairried!” shouted Mr Spud. “Whit the – ?” said Joe, no able tae hide his shoack. “It’s braw news, is it no?” Da yelloched. Aye the music boom boom boomit. Joe didnae want tae believe it. Did this daft bizzum really hae tae be his new maw? “I spiered for her haun yesterday and she said ‘naw’, but I spiered her again the day and gied her a muckle

smiled. “Naw, I’m pleased ye didnae cash it in. Aw that money never really made us happy, did it?” “Naw,” said Joe. “In fact it made us baith sad. And I’m sorry and aw. You brocht ma hamework tae the schuil and I shouted at ye for embarrassin me. Boab wis richt, I hiv behaved like a speylt brat at times.” Da keckled. “Weel, jist a wee bit!” Joe bumlowped alang closer tae his da. He needit a hug. Jist then, twa burly sheriff’s officers come ben the room. “We’ve tae tak the mattress,” annoonced

snashed Mr Tawse. Like maist dominies that teach PE, it wis haurd tae imagine him wearin onythin ither than a tracksuit. “D-d-dae I still hae tae dae the r-r-r-rin S-s-s-s-s-s-s-sir...?” spiered a hopefu Boab. “Oh aye, laddie! Ye dinnae get aff that easy. Richt awbody, on yer merks, get set...haud yer hoarses! GO!” At first, Joe and Boab sprintit awa like aw the ither weans, but efter aboot three saiconts they were baith oot o braith and had tae walk. Soon awbody else had disappeart intae the

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