Black Scales White Fur

Black Scales White Fur

Kylie Chan

Language: English

Pages: 110

ISBN: 1490447601

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Demon King's harem is a dangerous place, with the Snake Mothers constantly battling for prizes and promotion. But the smallest Snake Mother doesn't want to play the cruel games; she just wants to create beautiful works of art. After a chance meeting with the Celestial Emperor of the West, the White Tiger, she quietly plots to escape Hell and find freedom - and perhaps even love.

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The summons came again, harder and more painful, and she surprised herself: she could still ignore it. She walked through the park with a tremendous feeling of powerful freedom as she headed for the grove of trees where the Celestials had been practising. She would find them. The Tiger would help her. She quickened her pace. She didn’t have long; as soon as the King discovered that she’d made a run for it he’d send … She heard the footsteps and felt the cold presence behind her. A couple of

shook his head. ‘A daughter. It feels very strange.’ ‘It feels strange for me too. Can we just sort of … be good friends rather than this human family father–daughter thing?’ ‘I was about to ask you that. It’s what I’d prefer as well.’ He nodded to her. ‘First thing we’ll do is a quick lesson on how humans live. They can be quite revolting sometimes; their bodies and clothes become soiled from their excretions and they have to wash them regularly. I’ll show you how to do it so that you fit in.’

and stood pressed against her back with his hand on her shoulder. She was wearing a short skirt and she felt him hard against her as they watched the scene at street level. She wriggled slightly against him and he made a soft sound in his throat. The delivery men had remembered to close the front gate behind them and she relaxed as they climbed into their truck. Ronnie charged out of his shop on the ground floor to assist them as they reversed the truck carefully. He thumped the back of the

King’s own bedroom. The furniture was all black rosewood, carved with images of Dukes and Mothers. The floor covering was soft beige carpet with silk rugs of black and red. The bed was at least four metres wide, covered in luxurious blood-red silk quilting and with masses of black pillows cascading to the floor. The King sauntered to the bed and sat on it, still in human form, and motioned her closer. She dropped slightly on her coils and obeyed, curling her snake back end and sitting on the bed

every suffering I make you endure in True Form, I will bring you a similar amount of pleasure in human form.’ She didn’t raise her head. He took her hand. ‘Don’t be afraid,’ he said gently. ‘I will take it slowly and I won’t hurt you. This time will be good. I promise.’ She spared a despairing glance at the repast of human food, and followed him to the bed. They cuddled again afterwards, and he seemed pleased with her efforts. ‘Can I give you a gift? To make up for hurting you?’ he said.

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