Blood and Justice: A Private Investigator Mystery Series (A Jake & Annie Lincoln Thriller) (Volume 1)

Blood and Justice: A Private Investigator Mystery Series (A Jake & Annie Lincoln Thriller) (Volume 1)

Rayven T. Hill

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0993862500

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

    When sixteen-year-old Jenny James goes missing, and the local police are unable to find her, the girl’s frantic mother hires private investigators Jake and Annie Lincoln to search for her daughter.
    When the body of Jenny’s boyfriend is discovered, the mystery of her disappearance deepens. Shaken out of their comfort zone of Internet searches and poring over public records, the couple soon find themselves facing the frightening possibility they are looking for the latest victim of a serial killer.
    As more bodies pile up, the town is gripped with fear. It seems no one is safe, and the Lincolns race to solve an impossible puzzle before they become the killer’s next victims.
About This Mystery Series
   Book 1: Blood and Justice
   Book 2: Cold Justice
   Book 3: Justice for Hire
   Book 4: Captive Justice
   Book 5: Justice Overdue
   Book 6: Justice Returns
   Book 7: Personal Justice
   Book 8: Silent Justice
   Book 9: Web of Justice
   Book 10: Fugitive Justice
   Book 11: Profane Justice (Coming Next)


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camera equipment had set them back a bit, but it had been useful when they were hired to evaluate the honesty of a department store employee by posing as a customer. The camera had caught him red-handed in the act of loading some expensive computer equipment into a waiting van. Lincoln Investigations had only existed a few months, and Annie realized it would take some time to land steady business. The ad in the Richmond Hill Daily Times was pulling in a few clients, and Annie was confident in

Whack. Pain. Whack. Then, it was over. “Let that be a lesson to you,” she screamed, and then she was gone. He pulled up his pants. His back was too sore to put his shirt on, so he laid down on his stomach and cried himself to sleep. He slept and tossed most of the day. Finally, somewhere in the middle of the afternoon he was awakened by the sound of a car, crunching in the driveway. He looked out the window. It’s Mother. He was never so happy to see her. He put his shirt on and went into the

footage and it was a big headache. We finally won, though. But memory is so cheap these days, we put in a bunch of new servers and now we keep everything for a month. Just in case, you know.” Gene laughed again. Jake didn’t know what he was laughing at, but he smiled and said, “If I can get the footage from August 2nd, as well as August 10th, that would be perfect.” “No probs.” Gene whipped open a drawer and pulled out a flash drive. “This baby can hold a lot,” he said. He pushed the drive

She rose slowly to her feet. His hand tightened on the back of the collar. The gun moved down again, the steel pushing into her neck, just below her ear. He prodded her forward a step, by the firm grip on her collar, and kept his eyes on Jake. The chain rattled as they moved another step. Once more. Rattle. Then, once more. Rattle. They were about ten feet away now. Jake abruptly took three strides to the right, and then one forward. He stopped and turned back to face them. “Stay still,”

cell, and listened intently to Jake’s message. Leaning quickly forward, he tossed his phone on the desk and thumped a few keys on his computer terminal. The name Chad Bronson appeared on his screen. From King City. No record to speak of. Just a couple of speeding tickets. Hank plucked a couple more buttons. A picture appeared. He touched the print button, and in a moment, a page came whirring from the printer. “Well what the . . .” Hank stared at the screen. A further search had shown a car

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