Blood Moon's Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film: The World's Most Comprehensive Guide to Recent Gay and Lesbian Movies

Blood Moon's Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film: The World's Most Comprehensive Guide to Recent Gay and Lesbian Movies

Darwin Porter

Language: English

Pages: 408

ISBN: 097481184X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Here, assembled into one comprehensive annual volume, is a rundown of the previous year's most intriguing gay, lesbian, and transgendered films, illustrated guides that are Out, Outrageous, Provocative, and Proud. A defiant challenge to films today, they each get sweaty with Gay Cowboys, Gay Nazis, Nude Marines, Ballsy Detectives, Hit Men, Porn Stars, and Women in Love...With each other. The Scent of Lavender, the Smell of Testosterone, and the Aroma of Velvet. It's all here! Descriptions and reviews of at least 140 feature-length gay films, with commentary, special features, essays on key moments in the previous year's filmmaking, and hundreds of photos. Each volume is loaded with the kind of gossipy insight that's making the entertainment industry spin. Authoritative, exhaustive, and essential, Blood Moon's Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film is the queer girl's and boy's one-stop resource for what to add to their film queue. The film synopses and the snippets of critic's reviews are reason enough to keep this annual compendium of cinematic information close to the DVD player. But the extras―including the Blood Moon Awards and commentary on queer short films―are butter on the popcorn.―Books to Watch Out For ( Blood Moon's Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film is like having access to a feverishly compiled queer film fan's private scrapbook. This first edition gives a snapshot of where we are in Hollywood now, which should be updated with each further annual edition. It's a lot of fun and, like screen representations of us, verges wildly between titillation and tribulation. Now.I'm ready for my closeup...―Gay Times (London) From feisty Blood Moon Productions, this big, lively guidebook of (mostly) recent gay and gayish films is not meant to be a dust-collecting reference book covering the history of GLBT films. Instead, it's an annual running commentary on what's new and what's going on in gay filmmaking.―Mandate Includes everything fabu in the previous years' movies. An essential guide for both the casual viewer and the hard-core movie-watching homo.―Bay Windows (Boston)

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Katharine Hepburn 33 34 AGNES AND HIS BROTHERS (AGNES UND SEINE BRÜDER) A Trio of German Siblings Compete for Most Fucked-Up First released in Germany in 2004, this drama was both directed and written by Oskar Roehler. Some German fans hailed it as “the best German movie in decades!” But most American critics were highly skeptical. It did not generate massive box office during its limited U.S. release, one theater reporting a weekend gross of $86 in August of 2006. Yet the film did rather

was shot at the notorious Nob Hill Cinema in San Francisco, where strippers tantalize gays with their dicks. Nob Hill employs unused super-8 footage which was originally shot during the filming of Frisk. Fluff Sharing several aspects in common with Nob Hill, Fluff was also shot at the above-noted San Francisco cinema house, revealing more of the strippers. Built for Endurance Starring Frankie (Frisk) Payne, this film was based on what became the original 39 screen treatment for Frisk. It is

wonderful size. THE ADVOCATE: Does he have a gay bone in his body? MADONNA: I would think so. Yeah, God only knows how many times Tennessee Williams tried to pick him up. He was a great beauty, and he still is a very handsome man, but I mean just drop-dead gorgeous. I don’t know that he’s ever slept with a man. He’s certainly not homophobic. I asked him once, “Would you ever sleep with a man?”, and he said he was sorry that he hadn’t but that now because of AIDS he felt it was an unsafe thing to

makes a game try in the cartoonish role of a businessman free-falling through an urban hell. For one of the few times in his film career, he fails, but it really isn’t his fault. As conceived by Mamet, the title character, despite living in New York, was born yesterday.” Kirk Honeycutt Hollywood Reporter “The character of Edmond reveals that beneath his bewildered blue eyes is a furnace of racism and misogyny, and not much respect for gay men, either.” Kyle Smith New York Post “Depressing,

dialogue, an original soundtrack, and a plot that went beyond the basic collection of sex scenes. It told the story of a madman who kidnaps young guys and keeps them captive to satisfy his personal sex trips. If you can locate Erotikus, try to get the longer version—not the 54-minute quickie, the latter of which is marred with a big chunk of missing scenes. Apparently, the video distributor thought some of the longer clips boring and was worried about other scenes that relied heavily on pop music

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