Blue Screen

Blue Screen

Robert B. Parker

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0399153519

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Buddy Bollen is a C-list movie mogul who made his fortune producing films of questionable artistic merit. When Buddy hires Sunny Randall to protect his rising star and girlfriend, Erin Flint, Sunny knows from the start that the prickly, spoiled beauty won't make her job easy. And when Erin's sister, Misty, is found dead in the lavish home they share with sugar daddy Bollen, there doesn't seem to be a single lead worth pursuing.

But then Sunny meets Jesse Stone, chief of police in Paradise, Massachusetts, under whose jurisdiction the case falls. It immediately becomes clear that Jesse and Sunny have much in common. While searching for the killer, they learn an awful lot about each other-and themselves.

Tracking Misty's murderer reveals a host of seedy complications behind Erin's glamorous lifestyle as well as Buddy Bollen's entertainment empire, made up of shady film deals and mobsters out for revenge. But in a world where there's little difference between the good guys and the bad, exposing the killer could prove to be Sunny's undoing.

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Weerloos (Cel 5, Book 1)

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The Man on the Balcony















straight back. He had on a double-breasted gray glen plaid suit, a red tie, and a blue shirt with a white collar. He had a briefcase with him, so we’d know he was a lawyer. Moon was something else again. He was very tall, maybe 6'5" or 6'6". He was angular with big hands, long fingers, and prominent knuckles. His skin was very pale, as if he never went out. His hair was long and white-blond and combed back smooth and tight against his long skull. The lawyer rose when we came in. Moon didn’t.

Warrior make money?” “Sure. It was a big hit.” “You know how much it made?” “No, I just know Buddy said it did really well.” “Have you heard from Gerard since you went with Buddy?” “He sent me flowers the day after Woman Warrior opened.” “All right, Gerard,” I said. “So he knew how to find you.” “He knew I was with Buddy,” she said. “Why you asking me all this stuff?” “Investigating,” I said. “You never know what information will be useful.” “Here’s some information,” Erin said. “They

again,” Spike said softly, “I will break your back and throw you in the harbor.” The bald man nodded floppily, as if his coordination wasn’t very good. Spike got him all the way to his feet. The restaurant was completely silent. Spike walked the man to the door and opened it and they both went outside. Spike was out there for maybe two minutes. Then he came back in. Under the table, I put my gun back in my purse. “Drinks on the house,” Spike said to the bartenders, “next round, everybody.”

a tall scotch and soda. I got a Cosmopolitan. We touched glasses. The bar was nearly two-thirds full. It was a good-looking crowd, well-dressed generally, and not loud. I always liked not loud. “I suppose the next stop is your pimp friend,” Jesse said. “My friend?” “You’ve met him,” Jesse said. “I haven’t.” “Okay,” I said. “We talk to my pimp friend. It will not be an easy conversation. My pimp friend is not cop-friendly.” “Cronjager feels bad because he had to fire me,” Jesse said. “He’ll

like you do,” Cronjager said, still looking at the campus. “And, a’course, I’m not a chief of police, but I didn’t hear him tell you anything you can use to nail him.” “If he needs to be nailed,” I said. “You think he doesn’t?” Cronjager said. “He needs to be nailed for being a pimp and a thug,” I said. “But I’m not convinced he did it.” “Because?” Jesse said. “Because he doesn’t feel right for it,” I said. “Woman’s intuition?” Jesse said. “Woman cop’s intuition,” I said. “The perfect

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