Both of Us: My Life with Farrah

Both of Us: My Life with Farrah

Ryan O'Neal

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 030795482X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ryan O’Neal and Farrah Fawcett. He was the handsome Academy Award–nominated star of Paper Moon and the classic romance Love Story. She was the beautiful, all-American Charlie’s Angel, whose poster adorned the bedroom walls of teenage boys everywhere. One of the most storied love affairs in Hollywood history, their romance has captivated fans and media alike for more than three decades. In a tragic turn, the world lost Farrah after a tragic battle with cancer in 2009, but in his intimate memoir Both of Us, Ryan brings their relationship to vivid life.
Fans of each other from afar, Ryan and Farrah met through her husband, Lee Majors, and fell passionately in love. Soon, however, reality threatened their happiness and they struggled with some serious matters, including the disintegration of Farrah’s marriage; Ryan’s troubled relationship with his daughter, Tatum, and son, Griffin; mismatched career trajectories; and raising their young son, Redmond—all leading Ryan and Farrah to an inevitable split in 1997.
Ryan fought to create a life on his own but never stopped longing for Farrah. Eventually he realized that he had lost his true soul mate. Older and wiser, he and Farrah found their way back to each other and were excited to start a new life together. But their bliss was cut short when Farrah was diagnosed with cancer and passed away just three years later.
Ryan’s deep love for Farrah and his devotion to preserving her memory are evident in Both of Us. Drawing on decades’ worth of personal records and keepsakes, he has included never-before-seen photographs, letters exchanged between him and Farrah, and his own diaries, making this a poignant and compelling memento for her fans. Written with candor and emotional honesty, it is a true Hollywood love story.

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compunction talking about their problems. She says when they were staying in Nevada, he had a boat on Lake Mead. He was a TV star at this point, not the Six Million Dollar Man, but he was in a successful Western series with Barbara Stanwyck and Linda Evans called The Big Valley. It ran three or four seasons. This was before Farrah’s fame from Charlie’s Angels and the poster that had made her the fantasy of every teenage boy in America. Lee would call her from a bar near the hotel and say, “Get

matters worse, our son is cranky. So much for the return of the conquering hero. Tensions soon mount and will come to a head over a piece of chewing gum. Farrah is in the bathroom taking a shower. I’m groggy from jet lag, sitting on the bed with Patrick watching the World Cup on TV to relax. Patrick is chewing gum. Redmond, who was a toddler in 1986, wants some too, and like a fool I give him a piece. When Farrah comes out of the bathroom, she’s incensed. It was beyond irresponsible of me. I

sporting a nasty sty in her right eye that day. The woman was insistent, even going so far as to try to remove the glasses from Farrah’s face. I thought Farrah was going to take the woman down. Instead she smiled demurely and said: “Touch my Maui Jims and your hand will come back without fingers.” The facilitator retreated. I glimpsed Farrah winking at me behind those glasses. It was the tiny triumphs that kept us going. The big ones were much fewer and farther between. I’d like to believe that

Hospital will come to marry us and administer last rights instead. After the priest leaves, I move the cot I’d been sleeping on these past days away from the bed, lie down next to her, wrap my body around her to keep her warm, and then take her hand. I can feel a steady pulse. Her oncologist Dr. Piro comes into the room and says, “I had hoped I would never have to say this, but I think we should let her go.” “We need some time,” I say. And Dr. Piro leaves us alone. I caress her hand for hours.

the care, support, and faith of the following people: David Pinsky, Keith Sunde, Alexandra Ferick, Stephanie Lynn, Mela Murphy, Alana Stewart, Dr. Annie Harvilicz, Bernie Francis, Kim Swartz and his wife, Megan Blake, Sylvia and Tommy Dorsey, Marcia Packard, Patrick O’Neal, the staff at the Malibu Beach Inn, Dee Salinas, Melissa Skolek, Dr. Lawrence Piro, Arnold Robinson—and Mozart. And special thanks to Nan Talese. And also Suzanne O’Neill and Tina Constable, my editor and my publisher at

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