Bride of the Castle

Bride of the Castle

Language: English

Pages: 181

ISBN: 0441001203

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Preparing for his marriage to Linda, groom Gene dreads facing his wedding guests and swears he would rather face a horde of barbarians until an unexpected shift across a portal into a bizarre world makes his haphazard wish come true.

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another world. This is Castle Perilous. Look, let's go back into the office. I need a soda and there's no machine here. I'd have to go all the way down to the dining hall. Come on." Jeremy led the way back through the curtain. Max followed. Back in the office, Max stopped and turned about, struck by the place somehow looking subtly different. It was a little neater. Hadn't that computer been on a smaller table along the opposite wall? "Who moved the furniture?" Max asked vaguely. "Wait a

strange look. Jeremy grinned, raising his arms. "So there's your answer. What's important, though, is what happened to you in this variation of Earth." Max frowned. "Me?" "Yeah, you. Your history, your life story is going to be different in this different Earth. Your situation might be a little different. Or a lot different. Or . . . well, tell you the truth, I've been in this world before. Did some snooping, some detective work. And I think I have a deal for you." "A deal for me." "Yeah."

nonsense to me." "You suspect the Mahajadi of having something to do with the prowler?" Thaxton asked of Inspector Motherwell. "There's a killer on the loose. I suspect everyone." "Who else haven't we covered?" Thaxton said. "Let's see. Mr. Geoffrey Ballifants, who stands to inherit his half-sister Honoria's family income." "A likely suspect," Petheridge said. "And his alibi for the time of Honoria's death is as leaky as a sieve." "Yes, but not his alibi for Festleton's death. It's

of helping people, though you might think that my methods are a little, you know, unorthodox-" "Listen," Max broke in, "I'm . . . well, I'm really not sure I want to continue therapy at all. If I decide to, I'll give you a call. Are you in the book?" "Uh, not really. But first, let me tell you a few things, you know, like inducements. My therapeutic techniques are very unconventional, and a helluva lot more effective than the usual mumbo-jumbo. And my fees are very low. I just happen to be in

worlds." Max choked on his soda. "Parallel universes, alternate time tracks," Hochstader went on, "call 'em what you will. `Aspects' is what we in the trade call them." "Uh, yeah," Max said warily, rubbing his throat. "Oh, I realize you don't believe me, but if you wait just a second, I'll give you a free demonstration." Max studied him. This twerp had the look of a highschool dropout. P.Hd., indeed. Characters danced across the CRT. Presently, Hochstader stabbed a final key and looked up

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