Build Your Own PaaS with Docker

Build Your Own PaaS with Docker

Oskar Hane

Language: English

Pages: 138

ISBN: 1784393940

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Create, modify, and run your own PaaS with modularized containers using Docker

About This Book

Build your own PaaS using the much-appreciated software Docker.
Isolate services in containers to have a fully modularized and portable system.
Step-by-step tutorials that take you through the process of creating your own PaaS.

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for those who want to take full advantage of separating services into module containers and connect them to form a complete platform. It will give you all the insights and knowledge needed to run your own PaaS.

In Detail

Docker is a great tool in many ways for developers and people in DevOps.

We begin by learning how easy it is to create and publish your own customized Docker images and making them available to everyone. We also see how practical it is to separate every service to its own container. When you have published separated service containers, the process of running all kinds of platforms in the same server is a walk in the park.

This book walks you through a use case project that will teach you how to customize and create your own Docker image, allowing you to run any platform you want. The project evolves throughout the book and emerges as a complete three containers WordPress/MySQL platform when finished.

By the end of the book, you will know how to create such a container on a WordPress/MySQL platform, among others.

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public Docker repository, which can be accessed from anywhere. [ 46 ] Chapter 3 Automated builds When you add a repository, you should choose the Automated Build option so that you can fetch code from GitHub (or Bitbucket), as shown in the following screenshot: We'll connect with our GitHub account and select the repository we just created and pushed to my-docker-images. We will start to add our WordPress image, so let's set the repository name to wordpress on the next screen. It's

html> Hello

First edit!

It's a simple HTML page. Let's go ahead and create the file and push it, as shown in the following code: nano public/index.html #paste the HTML #save the file #commit your changes git add public/index.html git commit –m "Added first HTML page." #push to dokku git push dokku master Note from the output that the port will change every time you deploy, since a new container

nginx.conf with detected nginx.conf.template" NGINX_CONF=$APP_NGINX_TEMPLATE fi xargs -i echo "-----> Configuring {}..." < $VHOST_PATH # Include SSL_VHOSTS so we can redirect http to https on that hostname as well NOSSL_SERVER_NAME=$(echo $NONSSL_VHOSTS $SSL_VHOSTS| tr '\n' ' ') if [[ -n "$DOKKU_APP_LISTEN_PORT" ]] && [[ -n "$DOKKU_APP_ LISTEN_IP" ]]; then echo "-----> Creating $SCHEME nginx.conf" echo "upstream $APP { server $DOKKU_APP_LISTEN_IP:$DOKKU_APP_ LISTEN_PORT; }" >

domains in one app. By default, only one URL can be mapped to an app: dokku domains:set URL: Dokku-docker-options With this plugin, you can pass any options to the Docker daemon when docker run command is executed. It can be used to mount volumes, link containers, and so on: dokku docker-options:add myapp "-v /host/path:/container/path" dokku docker-options:add myapp "-link container_name:alias" URL:

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