Bunter's Holiday Cruise (Billy Bunter, Book 41)

Bunter's Holiday Cruise (Billy Bunter, Book 41)

Frank Richards

Language: English

Pages: 200


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Another Billy Bunter adventure at Greyfriars school.
Bunter, the howling ass, takes the Famous Five on a grand Easter cruise. Wharton & Co should have known better. The atmosphere is hilarious, but there is also exciting adventure.

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“Bunter !” howled Bob. Groan ! “Hallo, hallo, hallo ! That sounds like Bunter.” Groan ! “Got you. you fat frump !” hissed Nugent. Groan ! The juniors surrounded Bunter. He was stretched in a deckchair. He made no attempt to escape. He did not even blink at them. He only groaned. “Now, Bunter —” Groan ! They peered at him. His face was ghastly. A basin was by his side. He groaned and gurgled and groaned again. Supper and the swell on the sea had done it ! Billy Bunter was in the deadly

on the pier.” “If you call me old chap again —” roared Coker. “Eh ?” “Don’t jaw !” “Oh, really, Coker —” Coker went below. Bunter blinked after him. He had done his best, but Coker was not in a good temper. If this was how that Fifth Form fathead behaved when he was or supposed himself to be — a guest, how was he going to behave when he found out that he had been tricked on board to pay for his cruise ? More clearly than ever Billy Bunter realised that there was going to be a big spot of

rope, and Greene was drawn over and landed safely on the grass. He sat there, gasping, white as a sheet. Then the rope slithered down again, and Potter put it round himself and was drawn up in his turn. It came down a third time, and Coker slowly grasped it. The whole thing annoyed Coker. He had a feeling that Potter and Greene would make out that he had been to blame for this; that it was he who had endangered them all. He resolved that he would jolly soon put a stop to that, anyhow. But

There were two hundred fellows at Greyfriars; and of these one hundred and ninety- nine found no pleasure whatever in the fascinating society of W. G. Bunter. Bunter had spent the Christmas vacation at Wharton Lodge. He had not made himself popular there. Instead of longing to see him there again, Harry Wharton was determined that he wouldn’t ! So that was that ! It was, therefore, quite unnecessary to listen to what Bunter had to say; and as he seemed bent on saying it, the Famous Five

ill-tempered beast. The voice of the charmer had no effect on him whatever — through a locked door, at least. Why the thump the man kept his door locked was a mystery to Bunter. “Wouldn’t you like to come into the saloon, sir ?” resumed Bunter. “I’ll play the piano to you, if you like. It may soothe your headache.” “Will you go away ?” “Hem !. Perhaps you’d like to see the newspaper, sir ?” We’ve got the papers from Margate. There’s something rather interesting in this morning’s paper — a

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