Buster Keaton Remembered

Buster Keaton Remembered

Eleanor Keaton, Jeffrey Vance

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0810942275

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A unique illustrated survey of Keaton's life and films, recalled by his wife of 26 years, Eleanor Keaton, and film historian Jeffrey Vance. Keaton's career was fascinating and dramatic, spanning the history of twentieth-century American comedy, both in vaudeville and in cinema.

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film. Buster plays the pampered Bertie Van of millionaire Nicholas "Wolf of Wall it on his Street." Bertie, in However, on is Alstyne, son known Street. (The SAPH E A /: of the play The n New \v a a s i I [ , M V i<: R S I ON Henrietta, a success in 1887 as The Henrietta, and revived on Bioadwa} in 1913 with William H.Crane and Douglas Fairhanks. The film was Buster's established first him appearance in a feature film as a film star in his own Marcus

might do 81 THE P LAY H O V S E (1921) Buster broke an ankle while make working on the film he started to The Playhouse, the abandoned first Electric House (which he would release the following year). Long Island, needed New York. Returning a corned}' that usual physical stunts. remake and absence from film production, Buster married Natalie Talmadge to California, The resulting film is The Playhouse, the most visually spectacular of all his short films. Aside

huilt, inlendin<; to taiHilnlK lett he original clinuix of the film was an elaborate chase, ending with lousier running down W I was nothing he could do about slaiied eastint^, liired extra writers, sets lo him Busier thought he had a bad picture and that there direelor. adapt the laree to the sereen/l'he in, a lot ol wen! aloii^ with the idea of as his rockslide climax was not in the original plav just Schniclx and owed him se\eral lavois, uioiicN Iroiii or The a c|uiet

out after a few drinks earned her the nickname "Slambastian"). She appears brieflx in Free worked together again and Easy in (1930), and the two the Educational comedx A//e;()op(1934). Gregor\ Peek and .\udrey Hepburn. 173 THE HOLLYWOOD REVUE OF 1929 B U S r E R ' FIRST APPEARANCE S in a talking picture all-star feature Constructed M-G-M Buster, M-G-M's promotional star appeared adapted 1952 Gene M-G-M made famous musical of the same name in the starring in

Edwards ajipcared with Buster delighting in singing old \aude\ Sidiie\ l,a/uriis) as cook) scat sing while abo.ird and Saphcad, ihc Xarigator, and Battling Butler. While him two I I. I'Vance, l^nster's Stu\ \esant, a eharacter similar to Ins roles in War eamp the in the the scrip! (by has Buster pla\in<; millionaire playboy period of World Sedgwick (who appears procliulion iiilo on se\eral of in part in the L I, re\ in ue ])erfi)rmed which tor the is

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