But For You (A Matter of Time Book 6)

But For You (A Matter of Time Book 6)

Mary Calmes

Language: English

Pages: 242


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sequel to Bulletproof

Jory Harcourt is finally living the dream. Being married to US Marshal Sam Kage has changed him—it’s settled the tumult of their past and changed Jory from a guy who bails at the first sign of trouble to a man who stays and weathers the storm. He and Sam have two kids, a house in the burbs, and a badass minivan. Jory’s days of being an epicenter for disaster are over. Domestic life is good.

Which means it's exactly the right time for a shakeup on the home front. Sam’s ex turns up in an unexpected place. A hit man climbs up their balcony at a family reunion. And maybe both of those things have something to do with a witness who disappeared a year ago. Marital bliss just got a kick in the pants, but Jory won’t let anyone take his family away from him. Before he knew what it felt like to have a home, he would have run. Not anymore. He knows he and Sam need to handle things together, because that’s the only way they’re going to make it.

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goodness.” She was scared. “Sweetheart, we should all go then. You should move in with us until this whole thing goes away.” “No, I—” “And we can help you with the kids.” “I don’t need help,” I explained. “And home is better for them so they don’t have their routine upset.” “Jory,” Michael began, “don’t you think that it would be better if you—” “Oh… my,” Milton breathed out, clearly and utterly floored by whatever he was seeing. “Uncle Dane!” I looked up—we all did—and there, crossing the

him tight. Kola looked miserable, but he turned and pressed his face into my stomach and leaned. Sam stood up, took my chin in his hand, and stared down into my eyes. “I’ll be home shortly.” “Okay,” was all I said. He looked at Dane, who nodded. Sam walked away and didn’t turn back around. Dane reached down and swept Kola up into his arms, and I saw a man grabbing all our things from the chairs where we had left them. “Is that your driver, Uncle Dane?” Kola asked him. “He is today, love.”

rolled up. I pointed under the truck, then quickly answered questions so the policemen could holster their guns and everyone could go about securing the scene instead of worrying that someone was going to start shooting at them. Kola and Hannah got to sit in a police car with a very nice young man who gave them the entire rundown of the car. I was standing outside the car, my sweater and topcoat back on, the T-shirt having been sacrificed to the greater good, and relating my statement to two new

to—” “He’s different than I thought.” “And you’re different right now than you’ve ever been,” I said, because really, I had never met this man before. For as long as I’d known Aaron he’d been cocky and sure and loud and brash. There had been quiet times, yes; there had been times he tried to get me to move in and see the life he could provide. There had been times he’d tried to change me, make me dependent, make me love him, body and soul. But the man on the phone was unsure, and that was

turned on the TV, and when he was done, he shoved both Hannah and me off the couch and took our spot. “Daddy!” She was indignant. He grunted at her. I got back up and lay down on top of him, draping myself across his chest, my head under his chin. Hannah snuggled down in his left arm. Kola joined us, PSP in hand, head on the other end of the couch, his legs between mine, on top of Sam’s. We were a warm pile all crushed together, and I could not keep my eyes open. “I like it when there are

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