Cathedral of the Sea: A Novel

Cathedral of the Sea: A Novel

Ildefonso Falcones

Language: English

Pages: 624

ISBN: 0451225996

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The “riveting”(The Washington Post) #1 international bestseller—now in paperback in the U.S.

In the tradition of Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth, here is a thrilling historical novel of friendship and revenge, plague and hope, love and war, set in the golden age of 14th-century Barcelona. Arnau Estanyol arrives in Barcelona and joins the powerful guild of stone-workers building the magnificent cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar, while his adoptive brother Joan studies to become a priest. As Arnau prospers, he secretly falls in love with a forbidden woman. When he is betrayed and hauled before the Inquisitor, he finds himself face-to-face with his own brother. Will he lose his life just as his beloved cathedral is finally completed, or will his brother spare him?


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alone. “Your Arnau is dead,” Francesca told her straightaway after she had sent for her. Aledis crumpled before her eyes: Francesca could see her visibly shrink inside her green robe. Aledis raised her hands to her face, and the strange silence was broken by the sound of her sobbing. “How ... how did it happen?” she asked after a while. “You lied to me,” was all Francesca said coldly. Shaking and with eyes brimming with tears, Aledis gazed at the older woman and then looked down. “You lied

striding away into the crowd. Eleonor made no reply. “They’ll eat your knight alive. They will destroy his lands, raze his farmhouse, and then ...” “Then what?” grunted Eleonor, still staring straight ahead of her. “Then I’ll lose my brother. Perhaps we’re still in time to do something. This is going to end badly ...,” thought Joan. “Speak to him ...,” he insisted. “Are you mad, Friar?” “What if he won’t accept the marriage? What if Felip de Ponts tells him everything? Talk to him before the

way among all the people and stallholders, some of whom shouted in protest. He was less adept at avoiding the obstacles, and paid the consequences of the anger his fleet-footed companion’s passage aroused. One of the stallholders cuffed him round the ear; another tried to grab him by the shirt. Arnau managed to avoid them both, but by the time he had escaped, the other boy was nowhere to be seen. He found himself all alone, on the edge of a large square full of people. He recognized the square.

bastaixos stared at him. The only sound was the crackling of their bonfire. Joanet lay fast asleep, his head on Ramon’s lap. Some of the men looked at one another, asking themselves the same question: would there be a war? “No,” said Ramon, “the lord of Creixell cannot stand against us.” Arnau looked disappointed. “He might, though,” one of the guild leaders on the far side of the fire said to encourage him. “Many years ago, when I was about as young as you are now”—Arnau almost burned himself

the magistrate’s palace. “If there wasn’t, how could they feed the prisoners?” he said, holding up Grau’s money bag. “The nobles and the rich pay for the prisoners’ food! Where do the prison governors get the wheat for his prisoners? Do they have to buy it like us?” The crowd gave way to let Bernat through. He was beside himself. Arnau rushed after him, trying to catch his attention. “What are you doing, Father?” “Do the governors have to take an oath like we do?” “What’s wrong with you,

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