Chinese Healing Exercises: A Personalized Practice for Health & Longevity

Chinese Healing Exercises: A Personalized Practice for Health & Longevity

Steven Cardoza

Language: English

Pages: 312

ISBN: 0738737542

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Reduce Pain and Enhance Your Well-being With Simple Chinese Healing Exercises

Improve your health and longevity with 88 easy-to-learn exercises. Gentle enough to be practiced by anyone―regardless of age, gender, or state of health―these exercises can be done for as little as one or two minutes each day to help you:

  • Increase fitness levels
  • Minimize and even reverse many of the signs of aging
  • Extend the healthy years of your life
  • Work on specific health challenges
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Reduce the likelihood of injury
  • Get through the day with more energy and vitality

Based on the principles of acupressure, taiji, qigong, and Daoist yoga, each exercise includes illustrations, easy-to-follow instructions, and its physical and energetic benefits. This book also includes an index, so you can look up exercises for specific aches and pains, allergies, digestive disorders, insomnia, stress, and other common health concerns.

"A real find . . . A book to refer to again and again!"
―Angela Hicks, author of The Principles of Chinese Medicine

"An important book for anyone interested in helping him or herself be and stay well . . . I highly recommend the book."
―Fritz Frederick Smith, MD, author of The Alchemy of Touch

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you can get your leg to touch your chest, hold one stretch for two minutes, and that’s enough. Figure 2.13 (Hip Rotator Stretch) If your hip rotators or low back are very tight, you may not be able to increase the stretch at all in the beginning. In that case, just hold your starting position, and breathe as directed above without trying to increase the stretch. Do try to become more relaxed and release whatever tension you may feel, especially focusing on the exhales to best accomplish

circle. The traction should have an elastic feel, with more of a stretch out at the bottom of the circle regardless of direction, with a slight elastic pull back near the top of each circle. This will create a pumping action within the shoulder joint and Shoulder’s Nest, very beneficial for the lymph glands in your armpits, providing lubrication for the shoulder joint, and a relaxing stretch for all the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Figure 5.6A (Shoulder/Arm Windmills) Figure 5.6B

times in one direction, reverse the direction of the circles for the same number of times. This exercises the muscles that move your eyeballs. Those muscles attach all around the sides and rear of the eye, and allow for all the movements your eyes can make. The Chinese consider eyes that are capable of free, quick movement to be a sign of intelligence. As with any muscle, the ability to move freely and without pain requires the nourishment of blood and the qi and other nutrients it contains.

way. The first pair of points are just to the sides of your nostrils. If you place both index fingers at the very tip of your nose and slide them outwards along your nostrils until they reach where your nose joins your face (cheeks), your fingertips will come to rest on the first points (Fig 8.8A). If you press straight in, you’ll feel a slight depression in the bone there. Because your fingertips are much wider than an acupuncture needle, you’ll be covering two acupoints at the same time, Large

no one refers to them as qigong. It’s also not meant to diminish the value of these exercises in any way. In fact, their relative simplicity and effectiveness is exactly why I gathered and organized them in this book. The distinction is made only for the purpose of clarification, so that you have a better understanding of what you are learning here, and how that may be distinguished from qigong should you decide to learn that further down the road. Rotational Stretch The main purpose of

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