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Time-Travel Bath Bomb (Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder Series, Book 3)

Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous


The Grumpy Guide to Life: Observations from Grumpy Cat

Friends Like These















and again she shrieked and Hy, alarmed, fled the design department and bolted out of Oriole House, across Soho Square, down Frith Street, not stopping until he reached The Eight Bells, where he instantly ordered a large brandy. “Anything wrong?” Mortimer asked, concerned. No, no, Hy protested, but he looked sickly and after lunch he seemed loath to return to Oriole House. And small wonder, Mortimer reflected afterwards, for no sooner did they emerge from the lift on the editorial floor than

swinger, kid. Ciao” “Ciao.” Ziggy rubbed his jaw pensively. He slipped a hand under his armpit, withdrew it, and smelled. Foo! He reached for the kitchen towel, wet it, and wiped under both armpits. He found the cutlery drawer, took out a paring knife, and methodically cleaned his fingernails. Then Ziggy went into the hall, studied himself in the mirror, and ruffled his hair. He started for the bedroom, where she was still sobbing fitfully. Wait! Ziggy lowered his hand into his underwear, took

that is to say, the ideal American male? The Motivational Research boys, the pollsters, covered America for us, and came back with twenty thousand completed forms. We fed these forms into the most advanced of computers and finally settled on three body and face possibilities. Goy-Boy I, our first man-made star, was only a partial success. He moved rather well, but had only one expression. He got his lines mixed up. All the same, we put him into a picture. First day on the set the damn thing melts

bedside table was full. He scrutinized the butts. Yes, they were his brand. “Was life ever this good?” But I’ve still got my clothes on, he thought, his head aching. “No,” he said. “Am I your whole life to you, Mortimer?” He didn’t answer. “No, my sweet,” she answered for him, “and I wouldn’t want to be.” “Why the hell not?” he asked, irritation, bewilderment, ripening into anger. “If I were your whole life,” she said, “that would mean you would die without me.” “Would I?” “I couldn’t bear

we know about him … class?” A boy began to jump up and down. Miss Tanner pointed her ruler at him. “They put him in prison.” “Yes. Anybody know why?” Everybody began to call out at once. “Order! Order!” Miss Tanner demanded. “What ever will Mr. Griffin think of us?” Giggles again. “You have a go, Harriet. Why was the marquis put in prison?” “Because he was absolutely super.” “Mmnn …” “And such a truth-teller.” “Yes. Any other reasons … Gerald?” “Because the Puritans were scared of

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