Coot Club (Swallows and Amazons)

Coot Club (Swallows and Amazons)

Arthur Ransome

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 1567925014

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A timeless classic, beautifully rejacketed.
BACKSTORY: Test your knowledge of Coot Club boats and learn more about spotting birds.
Tom Dudgeon has cast off a motor cruiser from its moorings to protect a coot's nest, but now the cruiser is searching high and low for him -- even offering a reward. Tom accepts an invitation for a week's cruise to teach his new friends, Dick and Dorothea how to sail. You couldn't get a better sailor than Tom but can he really stay one jump ahead of his pursuers long enough to complete the voyage?"

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had said, “I’ll see ye’re not put upon. I’ll tell Rodley’s myself about that salvage job o’ yours.” And then, when masts and awnings were up, and the Death and Glories had shown just what could be done in that way with a sheet of old tarpaulin, the Admiral put the kettle on, and sent the crew of the Teasel off with a message to the inn below the bridge. The provision boat had stopped business for the night. They came back with fresh milk and two big slabs of chocolate and two cold chickens

blame. Foreigners anyway and not pleasant folk. Jim had been in Wroxham when there was that trouble about the Margoletta keeping the people in the inns awake all night. And if they were not to blame? Well, Jim Wooddall was Norfolk too. “If a Norfolk boy done it,” he said to himself, “those chaps can cover the place with paper before anybody give him away.” He was not in the least surprised, some time later, when Joe came panting down to the riverside on a bicycle, and asked anxiously for Tom, to

can’t ’elp. But polishing and oiling, ’e’s at it morning, noon an’ night.” “May we look?” said Starboard. “’E’ll show you,” said Mrs. Whittle. “When they put that in, I ’ad a partition wall (it ain’t a bulk’ead, not really) put right across ’ere so we ’as no smell of engine, which I can’t abide. But you should ’ave seen the stateroom as it was. All this was in it and that spare bunk we use for stores. It’s a bit cramped now, but snug.” She opened a door, and let them peep into a tiny

the shelter of the trees and, so far from wanting to reef, would have been glad of a little more wind than found its way through the leaves. “The leaves are getting thicker every day,” said Starboard. “It must be rotten getting through here in summer,” said Tom, “nearly as bad as Wroxham.” They let Dick and Dorothea take turns in steering, as the Teasel tacked along that reach under the tall trees just breaking out into their summer green. First to one side of the river and then to the other,

took the big water-jar and filled it with fresh water at the pump. “Main heavy this,” he said, as he brought it back. “I’ll give you a hand with it down to your little boat.” He carried it down and put it in the Titmouse, and then after Tom had stowed milk and eggs and bread, and had gone aboard and was all ready to sail, the young man unfastened the painter but did not let it go. He just stood there smiling down at Tom and talking, asking Tom where he and his friends had come from, and how

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