Corpse Marker: The Monster Collection Edition (Doctor Who: Past Doctor Adventures, Book 27)

Corpse Marker: The Monster Collection Edition (Doctor Who: Past Doctor Adventures, Book 27)

Chris Boucher

Language: English

Pages: 182

ISBN: 2:00219867

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Doctor Who Monster Collection: Eight thrilling adventures, eight iconic monsters. You're going to need a bigger sofa...

The Doctor and Leela arrive on the planet Kaldor, where they find a society dependent on benign and obedient robots. But they have faced these robots before, on a huge Sandminer in the Kaldor desert, and know they are not always harmless servants.

The only other people who know the truth are the three survivors from that Sandminer - and now they are being picked off one by one. The twisted genius behind that massacre is dead, but someone is developing a new, deadlier breed of robots. This time, unless the Doctor and Leela can stop them, they really will destroy the world.

An adventure featuring the Fourth Doctor, as played by Tom Baker, and his companion Leela


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Old School

The Animal Wife (Reindeer Moon, Book 2)














technicians responsible for Dome Six in the dome itself or at the monitoring centre?’ ‘You’re asking me?’ she said, managing to put incredulity and boredom into the flat monotone she affected. ‘I’m telling you to call the service facility and check,’ Uvanov said. ‘What, now?’ ‘Yes, now.’ ‘Dome Six? Why do you want to know about Dome Six especially?’ Uvanov leaned forward so that his face was close to hers. ‘Because I’m the boss,’ he hissed, ‘and because you’re the executive assistant. What

Doctor, ‘whatever it is you’re selling, I don’t want any and I’d like to leave. I have places to go.’ Uvanov scowled. ‘Highly restricted places, possibly?’ he asked. ‘I want to know what you were doing in the hatchling dome, Doctor.’ ‘Trying to get out,’ the Doctor said. ‘I still am, it seems.’ Before Uvanov could react, the door to the cell opened again and Cailio Techlan hurried in looking slightly distracted and making no attempt to walk in her fashionable robot gait. ‘Where did you

the back of the bays where the assembly pens were. ‘Miss it and I’ll have the stopDums hold you here for Company arrest and interrogation. You do understand what that involves?’ The young pilot had been given the distinct impression that it would be a bad career move – a future in the Sewerpits for him and his offspring and his offspring’s offspring had been mentioned – if any reasonable request his passenger made was unnecessarily delayed, never mind denied. He was anxious therefore that the

and the objective it had been given. The pursuit of the target was single-minded and relentless. When the people surrounded it, the target had not been acquired. Captain Lish Toos was being searched out but they were not obstructing access to the objective. The robot was flexible but the concept of self-preservation in order to achieve its objective had not been factored in. It was fearless. Killing the attackers was not an automatic response. Six stun-kills set on maximum delivered a numbing

wasn’t a search for a rational being, he remembered. Perhaps the name itself would produce a reaction. If the man was here somewhere, perhaps he could flush him out. Feeling slightly absurd, he said, ‘I am Taren Capel.’ Then he said it louder. ‘I am Taren Capel.’ Then he shouted it. ‘I am Taren Capel.’ There was no reaction except from the platoon leader who shook his head in mock amazement and said, ‘Why me? Am I wearing a sign: loonies line up?’ The security men were checking them for other

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