Craig Bellamy Goodfella My Autobiography

Craig Bellamy Goodfella My Autobiography

Craig Bellamy, Oliver Holt

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 1908695803

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Craig has written this book with Trinity Mirror journalist and close friend Oliver Holt. Oliver brings a national, multi-award winning level of quality writing to Craig's story. Oliver also has a personal following on Twitter of more than 177,000 followers with whom he will actively engage about the book. Oliver also has great connections across the national media who have publicised the book.

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supporters wanted. Freddy Shepherd knew that, too, which explains some of the buys Newcastle made when I was there. They seemed to me to be crowd-pleasing buys, signings that would take the heat off the board if things were not going well. They were not necessarily buys that served the best interests of the team in terms of getting the results we needed. Sir Bobby knew the crowd, too. There were games when he attacked when we shouldn’t have attacked. He would leave the defence bare at times in

malice in what I did. It was just the action of a young, stupid kid turning up late for a meal. Freddy wouldn’t hear any of it. I just had to let him rant. I think what wound him up the most was that we’d put the drinks and the cigars on his room bill. If I was the chairman, I would have laughed my head off at that. It all blew over quickly. The fans knew it was nothing and treated it like that. Kieron came back into the side soon afterwards and he was such an outstanding footballer that it was

national team again until I had played for Newcastle. He said now that we had been eliminated from the Champions League, it was the ideal time to go and get my knees cleaned up. But I was solely focused on my country. I knew what I was doing was essentially unfair to Newcastle, but I was desperate to play in the Euros. So I tried to appease Newcastle by starting to train again. But the club insisted I couldn’t play for Wales unless I played for Newcastle first and I knew that if I played in the

A waiter appears carrying a table with a clean white tablecloth already laid out on it. And the table is carried to the front of the stage. Henry Hill and his girlfriend sit down. Everybody’s still smil- ing at him. Guests at other tables get up to greet him. Then somebody sends over a bottle of champagne. His girlfriend smiles this kind of smile of wonder. She can’t help but be impressed. It feels like he’s some sort of royalty in here. And then a comedian called the King of the One Liners

to go on and get a hat-trick because if he got a hat-trick, all the headlines would be about the player, not what a tactical genius Rafa was. It was always about Rafa. It was so important to him to be the one everyone was talking about. It was like he always had something to prove. A few months into the season, I went up to Blackburn to see Mark Hughes and some of the lads at the training ground. He could see it in my face. “You’re not enjoying it, are you?” he asked. He said he wasn’t going to

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