Dating Quilts: From 1600 to the Present

Dating Quilts: From 1600 to the Present

Helen Kelley

Language: English

Pages: 64

ISBN: 0914881957

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This one-of-a-kind reference provides basic facts about antique quilt styles, fabrics, fillers, sizes, borders and edges, patterns, sewing techniques, signatures, dyes, and printing techniques, making identification easy.

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quite extensively Navy-blue Grounds patterned in white, red or yellow 25 1850-1875, continued Purple Grounds and soft grays Printed in white or black Checks and Plaids 1875-1900 . Shirting Fabric Prints Not so fussy or detailed and minute Slightly larger scale Red, white, navy-blue Anchors, bells, grids, springs, bubbles, circles (concentric and also interlocking) Larger horseheads, horseshoes, riding whips, foxheads, stirrups Commemorative Fabrics One design in many colors available

Coordinated colors Floral Stripes Prints to imitate hand-dyed art fabrics Fabrics hand-dyed by the quitter Reproduction Prints to imitate historic fabrics 29 FILLERS Cotton Batts These have been used for centuries. It is nO,t possible to determine age of quilts from these fillers. To this day, cotton batts can still be obtained both bleached and unbleached. Some contain dross from the preparation process. Most of today's commercially prepared batts, however, are clean, white, even, and bonded

Lapis Blue: Early-19th-century dye process that allowed red and blue areas to be dyed adjacent to each other without white space between them. Linsey-Woolsey: By definition is a fabric of half linen, half flax. The recorded fiber contents, however, are indefinite. Today, early, all-wool quilts are sometimes referred to by this name. Madder: An ancient dye, a product of the madder plant, producing reds ranging from orange to rusty red to ruby. Marseilles Quilting: 18th-century all-white quilting,

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a tender age. From these two people, Helen inherited her father's tiny pick glass (a lens for counting threads), her mother's Rose Wreath wedding quilt, and an appreciation for meticulous detail. About the Author Helen married in the 1940s, and for this occasion, she made her first quilt, which was appliqued with green and purple daisies, neatly buttonholed in place. Since that venture, Helen has moved about the United States with her husband, finally settling in Minnesota where she raised five

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