Dear Austin: Letters from the Underground Railroad

Dear Austin: Letters from the Underground Railroad

Elvira Woodruff

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0375803564

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Now in paperback! In this companion novel to Dear Levi, told in letters,11-year-old Levi helps a young African American in a harrowing flight for freedom along the Underground Railroad.

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listening. Your brother, Levi September 10, 1853 Dear Austin, I am writing you this letter tonight, but I won't be able to get down to Miller's store to mail it until I return (and I don't know when that will be). I reckon you're going to be anxious about what I'm about to do, Austin, and Miss Amelia will be, too, when she finds out. Preacher Tully and Winston got back yesterday. They were gone three weeks. They did not find Darcy, nor hear a solid lead about where she might be. I was

She laughed at this and said she didn't “need no maps. All's I needs is shinin’ above our heads,” she whispered, pointing up to “a bright star in the sky. I knew it was the North Star on account of its brightness. “It's God's light shinin’ down to guide our way,” she said. Her voice, though deep, had grown suddenly softer and more like a woman's as we sat staring up at the starlight through the trees. Moses went on to tell us about the cricks she knew that ran north and how if she got away from

it's meant to be?” Neddy, the eldest girl, asked. “Maybe it's a dove,” her sister Pearl suggested. “Or could be a sparrow,” Etta May, the youngest, guessed. “No,” their mother finally whispered as she dropped the letter into her lap and with trembling hands reached for the little stick. She ran her long fingers over the delicately carved wings. Then she looked back at her daughters, with their big dark eyes, their ribboned hair, and their smiling faces. “It's meant to be a nightingale,” she

and poury, little Addie Rudder, who's only seven years old, and Tessa Buckman, who is probably the most beautiful girl in all of Sudbury, maybe in all of Pennsylvania! I felt a powerful round of hiccups coming on just looking at her. Lester Minter, Henry Fenton, and I made up the boys. Henry had been clever enough to take music lessons, which got him out of dancing, as he was needed to play the riddle. That left Lester and me to be tortured. Lester, being the kind of boy who was brought up on

see that she's getting braver and coming closer, we just start hooting and she runs away! I was telling Jupiter and Possum what I had found out about the Underground Railroad, and Jupiter's eyes got mighty big. I asked him if he knew any more about it, but he just shrugged as if he didn't. Possum had other things on his mind—namely, worms. When Possum gets on a new subject, hell go on about it for days. The subject of worms is what he's been stuck on all week. He said he'd been studying them,

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