Deep in the Jungle of Doom (Give Yourself Goosebumps, No 11)

Deep in the Jungle of Doom (Give Yourself Goosebumps, No 11)

R. L. Stine

Language: English

Pages: 136

ISBN: 0590847686

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Readers are placed in the character of a student attending a class trip in the South American jungle, and when boredom gives way to a little unsupervised exploring, every new decision leads to a different story.

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this one.” Zoe chooses. She’s pointing to a tunnel that curves downward. “There might be some gold deeper down toward the center of the earth.” Above you, you see a tunnel that goes straight up. There’s a ladder cut into the stone. Want to take the tunnel that goes down? Turn to PAGE 14. Want to take the ladder above you instead? Climb to PAGE 98. “Hii-Yaa!” you shout, bounding up onto the skull of the nearest tiger. Your sneaker barely touches his decrepit skull, when the entire skeleton

very hungry all of a sudden. Before you can stop yourself, your tongue shoots out! Your tongue is huge, long, and sticky! It zaps up a whole mouthful of the red ants. CRUNCH! They taste delicious. Ben stares up at you in amazement. “Wow!” he exclaims. “That’s some tongue!” SPLAT! Your tongue darts out again. The ants stick to it by the hundreds. Soon you’ve eaten all of them! You pull your foot out of the ruined anthill. “I guess I was hungry!” you tell Ben, wiping the last few ant crumbs

you. You feel your body changing again. This time brown hair pushes out through your skin — all over your body. You start shrinking, too! And grow a tail! You’re a monkey! And next to you is another monkey wearing tiny glasses. It’s Ben! When the Muglani said he didn’t want you telling their secrets, he really meant it! Well, at least you have a friend to monkey around with. You two can really go bananas! THE END Just as the gargoyle pounces at you, you do a clumsy backward dive off the bank

dry. She turns to you and flashes you a grin. You start to make your way deeper into the cave. The walls are wet and slimy. You don’t want to touch them but you have to or you’ll fall. The cave air feels hot and humid. And there’s the strangest warm breeze. It’s almost as if someone were breathing on you! “Weird!” you remark to Zoe. “The cave floor is pink!” She doesn’t answer you. “Zoe?” you call. “Where are you?” Again there’s no answer. You peer into the darkness behind you. But you’re

Too bad for you and Cronby. THE END “I don’t want to scare them!” you tell Ben quietly. “I’ll just explain who I am. They’ll understand everything after I eat the Fireheart fruit and turn back into myself.” “Who’s there?” barks Mrs. Wheedle. “Is that one of my Explorers? Step out where I can see you!” “It’s just me,” you call. “Don’t be scared! I can explain!” You step out from behind the bush. Mrs. Wheedle takes one look at your sharp teeth, fishy gray skin, and huge globby eyes and faints.

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