Descent Into Darkness (Bound to the Abyss Book 2)

Descent Into Darkness (Bound to the Abyss Book 2)

Language: English

Pages: 374


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book Two of a Two Part Story Arc and the Second in the Series

Ean Sangrave’s friends are gone.

At least, his human ones are.

Zin, as always, is by his side. Years of advice and getting Ean out of trouble has earned him the title of Ean’s closest friend, Joining them now is Azalea the Yulari, another creature from the Abyss that feeds off the emotions of her victims to the point of death. Summoned in a moment of jealousy, Azalea would have killed Ean’s friends if he had not stopped her in time. So how do Bran and Jaslen pay him back for saving their lives? By running off with all of their supplies, leaving Ean with his imp and a fragile alliance with an alluring but deadly Yulari.

Ean is now at a crossroads. Does he continue the quest originally placed on him and his friends to find a way to save Rottwealth from the monster that has taken over the mine? Or does he follow the advice of his companions from the Abyss and learn to control his growing power? The Healer’s apprentice inside of him hopes to somehow do both.

Regardless of which quest he ultimately decides to follow, its Ean’s inner turmoil that worries him the most. The dark power of the Abyss is spreading through his body at an alarming rate. The tattoos that represent the power continue to grow across his body while dark dreams invade his mind. Can he hold off the darkness growing inside of him, or will Ean give in to the power and become the tyrant he has feared?

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with her left just above her other hand. Ean felt the force of the impact as it traveled through Sadiek's body, shaking them both. With a loud cracking sound, the bone broke, leaving the sharp tip sticking straight down into the stone. Ean expected that to slow down Sadiek, but the man seemed unstoppable as he lashed out to strike Azalea across the stomach. The broken edge of Sadiek's bone tore into her skin. Azalea clutched at her new injury and tumbled backwards. As Azalea rolled away, Ean

eager to explore the large city. He could faintly feel both Zin and Azalea ahead of him, the two already past the construction of the walls and somewhere in the city. Hopefully neither one was getting into any trouble. Walking around the wagons still waiting to be inspected and those that were moving off to the side to unload the stone, Ean couldn't help but marvel at how much larger the city looked now that he was finally right outside of it. He couldn't even see the lake now with all of the

receiving any help from the gods. Best to keep them out of his life whenever possible. Which meant that he had to make the decision on his own, without any idea what the future might hold. While Ean struggled with himself, Zin remained surprisingly quiet, his small arms folded across his chest as he watched Ean closely. "Fine, we keep going, at least for now," Ean finally blurted out. "But if we get to Wethrintir and I decide that we are not pushing forward, I don't want to hear any arguments,

mean..." Looking down he saw a small amount of his arm between his glove and sleeve still exposed. The tattoos were glowing as brightly as if he was full of as much energy from the Abyss as he could hold. For a moment Ean thought he had taken in the power, maybe out of reflex at being nervous. But not a single drop of the power flowed through his body. He wanted it, though. Almost like he needed it. Snatching his arm from Azalea's grip, he covered his skin by tucking its edges into the glove.

her shrink back from the old man. Ean began to tense. "Listen here...girl." Sadiek's voice was as cold as the Chill season. When Ean finally caught a glimpse of the old man's face, the expression he found there was a barely controlled rage. "You will never threaten me again, and more importantly, you will not touch me either. Do I make myself clear?" Azalea stood up straight and returned his stare with one of her own. "If you think I'm going to let some human try and intimidate me..." Moving

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