Desolation Angels

Desolation Angels

Jack Kerouac

Language: English

Pages: 409

ISBN: 1573225053

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With the publication of On the Road in 1957, Jack Kerouac became at once the spokesman and hero of the Beat Generation. Along with such visionaries as William S. Burroughs, Neal Cassady, and Allen Ginsberg, Kerouac changed the face of American literature, igniting a counterculture revolution that even now, decades later, burns brighter than ever in Desolation Angels.

In one of the major cinematic events of 2012, Jack Kerouac's legendary Beat classic, On the Road, finally hits the big screen. Directed by Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries; Paris, Je T'Aime) and with a cast of some of Hollywood's biggest young stars, including Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga), Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams (Julie & Julia, The Fighter), Tom Sturridge, and Viggo Mortensen (the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Road), the film will attract new fans who will be inspired by Kerouac's revolutionary writing.

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Dssor-A.rtoN rN Sorrtupu scratching in 25 it cold, I turn my thoughts to Frisco and I see it get there, I see myself in like a movie what'll be there when I my new (to-be-bought-in-Seattle-I-plan) black large-sized leather jacket that hangs and ties over my waist low (mebbe hangs over my hands) and my nev¡ gray Chino pants and new wool sports shirt (orange and yellow and blue!) and my new haircut, there I go bleakfaced Decembering the steps of my Skid Row Chinatown hotel; or else I'm at

fools that get up and walk off and are reborn, like us, "hooman beens"-like winged ants) the males, who are cast off by the females and go die, how utterly futile they are the way they climb windowpanes and just fall off when they get to the top, and do it again, till they exhausted die- And the one I saw one afternoon on my shack floor just thrashing and thrashing in the filthy dust from some kind of fatal hopeless seizure-----oi, the way we do, whether we can see it now or not- Sweetl just as

there is to what there's notBoom Up in the valley and down by the mountain, The birdWake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake Wake Wake Wake AWA K E N AWAKEN AWAK EN AWAKEN NOW This is the wisdom of the millennial rat -Theriomo¡phous, Rat highest perfect Black black black black bling bling bling bling black black black black bling bling bling bling black black black black bling bling bling 3E swoRD ETc., flat part of an oar or calamity, sudden vio-dashing young fellow, lent gust of wind; forcible

and air and it seems that the darkness is trying to squeeze me out that last orifice ¡s ¡þ6 s¡s¡ld- It is my last afternoon, I sit thinking that, wondering what prisoners have felt like on their last afternoons after Z}-year imprisonments- All I can do is sit and wait for the proper gloat- The anemometer and pole are down, everything is down, all I have to do is cover the garbage pit and wash the pots and goodbye, leaving the radio wrapped and an- tenna under house and toilet limed liberally-

on little islands, with sleepingbags and cans of beans- Women sometimes, some of them beautiful- Great floating harems in putput boats, legs, show all, awful them Samsara-World-of- DesolrrroN rN rHs WoRI-o 87 Suffering women with they show you their legs for to turn the wheel alongWhat makes the world go aroundl Between the stems Fred sees me and starts up the motor to edge up closer, make easier for easy-to-see-dejectable me- First thing he does is ask me a question which I dont hear and

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