Doctor Goebbels: His Life and Death

Doctor Goebbels: His Life and Death

Roger Manvell

Language: English

Pages: 360

ISBN: 1616080299

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Quite possibly the most dangerous and intelligent member of the Nazi hierarchy, Joseph Goebbels’s flair for propaganda and spectacular organization ensured the fu¨hrer’s rise to power. As founder of the Reich Chamber of Culture, gauleiter of Berlin, and architect of complex machinery of modern totalitarian propaganda, Goebbels is considered one of the most evil figures of the twentieth century. It was through his understanding of the instruments of “public enlightenment” that the dictatorship was built and maintained. Through interviews with his friends and family and with information from his own unpublished diary, a remarkable picture of Goebbels emerges.

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The Bohemians













among themselves to escape—most of them to the West to meet the Americans and the British—Hitler and Goebbels were planning the defence of the city, in which strong-points and shelters were being hastily constructed. Goebbels heard with contempt of the white flags with which the Germans were greeting the Allies in the West. “If a single white flag is hoisted in a Berlin street I shall not hesitate to have the whole street and all its inhabitants blown up,” he threatened on 5th April. “This has

and loyalty and his speech was clear and articulate. He even tried to make light of the moment by saying that they were climbing the steps together to save their friends the trouble of carrying the bodies up the steep flight of stairs leading to the garden. Magda could say nothing. But she held out her hand to Naumann who kissed it in silence. Goebbels said no more but shook hands; after this he put on his gloves most carefully, easing his fingers into place. Then he and Magda turned away very

daughter Hedda. October. Munich Agreement. Goebbels initiates long-term anti-British propaganda campaign. 10th November. Jewish pogrom incited by Goebbels. During this year Goebbels falls into disfavour with Hitler owing to his love affair with Iida Baarova. Hitler prevents Magda from suing for divorce. 1939. 10th April. William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) begins his broadcasts to Britain from Hamburg. June. Goebbels makes two inflammatory speeches in Danzig. August Goebbels’ anti-Polish campaign

recklessness, he continues his merciless fight against the increasing scoundrelisation of our public life, then he will not become a parliamentarian but he will remain what he is: a revolutionary. Mussolini also was a member of parliament. In spite ofthat, not long afterwards, he marched on Rome with his Blackshirts…. The agitators of our Party are spending between six hundred and eight hundred marks a month on train fares in order to overthrow the Republic, Is it then not just and fair that the

in Berlin to found the New Order for Europe, boasted that between twenty and thirty million people would starve to death in Russia during the year, and that the Russian prisoners had begun to eat each other. Hitler believed Russia to be all but defeated and forced his frozen armies to press on their campaign in appalling conditions of cold. The day before Hitler heard to his amazement of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour, the Russians also surprised him with a massive counter-offensive designed to

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