Double Wedding Ring Quilts - Traditions Made Modern: Full-Circle Sketches from Life

Double Wedding Ring Quilts - Traditions Made Modern: Full-Circle Sketches from Life

Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 161745026X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Get ready for new adventures in conventional piecing with celebrated quilter Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Create stunning Double Wedding Ring quilts with breathtaking innovations on the classic pattern. With full-size patterns for 10 quilts, the book will teach you the Double Wedding Ring basics. After you've mastered curved foundation piecing, try your hand at Victoria's unique fabric slashing and “Made-Fabric” methods―it's easier than you think! You'll feel liberated as you improvise on her designs, with full instruction for some quilts and others that invite your creative discovery. Read the stories that inspired each of Victoria's designs, and then take inspiration from the artist at work in her studio, with photography of her creative process and 3 bonus quilts to jump start your own art.

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the white blocks. Each white block alone is 61/2˝, which works really nicely if you have other patterns for 61/2˝ blocks! What else could you drop in there? Strings of Florid Blooms 47 Strings of Florid Blooms by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, quilted by Shelly Pagliai, 2014, 90˝ × 90˝ 48 Double Wedding Ring Quilts—Traditions Made Modern FABRIC REQUIREMENTS •  White: 61/4 yards for center diamonds and side setting diamonds, melons, squares, and pieced squares. •  Ash: 1 ⁄3 yard for

filled with beds of peonies, and Grandpa had his, with irises and gladiolas. They grew and canned everything and stored it in the scary old dirt cellar full of spiders that I hated going to fetch things from. Grandma always was taking slips of plants and had many pots of starter flowers next to her rocking chair in the house. When my grandmother was moved from her house to my aunt’s, and the house was sold, I asked if I might have some of the peony, iris, and gladiola plants from their garden for

going to sleep on Christmas Eve with no snow on the ground, only to wake up to three feet of snow blanketing everything in sight! I was pretty convinced that Santa had provided the gifts and the snow so we could have that white Perry-Como-cardigan-wearing Christmas. That album is still my favorite Christmas recording! My Christmas memories are old floral drapes, glass tree ornaments, vintage cut-’n’-sew craft panels, Arthur Rankin animation like Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman, Roy Rogers and

piping in the binding. }}Keep adding new skills to your quilts! }}Think about how to change up the quilting. I offered it to Karen to add her story to the quilt. I can learn a lot by having someone else quilt my quilts. }}Add a shaped border to really make it feel classic and timeless. }}Have fun designing your own pattern. Farm Girl 85 Iris by NIGHT 86 Double Wedding Ring Quilts—Traditions Made Modern Field of Flowers, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 2013, 28˝ × 28˝ When I see this photo of

patchwork garments to go with my collection. where I used the Nine-Patch quilt to add a few They figured I’d be the only one to appreciate interesting pieced details in this quilt. them. Ha-ha! Strangely, they are right! 42 Double Wedding Ring Quilts—Traditions Made Modern IDEAS CARRIED OVER from Bright Lights, Big City }}Focus on the same template set. What other design can you make with it? }}Change one more detail in either the layout, the color, or even the kind of fabric you choose.

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