Drawing & Designing Tattoo Art: Creating Masterful Tattoo Art from Start to Finish

Drawing & Designing Tattoo Art: Creating Masterful Tattoo Art from Start to Finish

Fip Buchanan

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1440328870

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Learn how to create bold, original designs from a master tattoo artist!

Tattooing is an art form like no other...indelible, wearable paintings, each on a one-of-a-kind, ever-moving "canvas." Step into the parlor with master tattoo artist Fip Buchanan as he shares more than thirty years of experience and the secrets to killer tattoo design. In these pages, you’ll learn the practical considerations of placement, flow, and color choice, as well as the art of conceptualizing the kind of powerful, personal, out-of-the-ordinary designs worthy of being on a body for life. You’ll even find inspiration for taking the look of tattoo art off -skin and into the realm of graphic design.

  • Nine step-by-step demos reveal the author’s creative process, from initial consultation and concept to finished tattoo
  • Covers popular subjects (snakes, dragons, portraits, hearts, roses and more) along with discussion of the symbolism behind them
  • Features a chapter that explores tattoo styles applied to graphic art
  • A gallery showcases the diverse styles of nine additional top tattoo artists

Whether you aspire to join the profession, are a graphic designer looking to expand your portfolio, or simply have a passion for tattoos, this book offers a rare inside look at the cutting-edge world of tattoo art.

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finished left arm. Adding Symbolism A Hannya looks like a devil head but is actually a Japanese depiction of a jealous woman. It was added on the inner arm to fill that area. Because the inner arm does not see much sunlight the tattoo remained quite bright as the years passed. Later a dragon and cherry blossoms, which represent the brevity of life, were added to complete the sleeve to the wrist. Cherry blossoms, with their short bloom time, are symbolic of samurai who never knew when their

it to the shade of gray you want, you’ll have enough to cover the area needed. This Japanese wind and cherry blossom background was made with a pale gray so that lettering for advertisements could be added in black over it. Shop Artwork A stylized Japanese arm with phoenix tattoo, 15” × 20” (38cm × 51cm), tube watercolor on illustration board. The arm in this painting is the style used in Japanese wood block prints, and done this way as it seemed appropriate for the tattoo theme. This was

stick ballpoint pen lighter fluid or Bestine solvent marker (optional) tissue tracing paper STEP 1: Cover the Surface Thoroughly cover a piece of tracing paper using a 6B graphite stick. Apply it fairly heavily. STEP 2: Spread the Graphite Put a small amount of lighter fluid or Bestine solvent on a tissue and use it to more evenly spread the graphite and help it adhere to the tracing paper. STEP 3: Apply the Transfer Place the transfer sheet graphite side down between your

book-loving nerd in San Diego, California and tattooed there nearly ten years before moving to San Francisco in late 2003. Two years later an unprecedented planetary alignment (a recommendation from Fip Buchanan) gave him the opportunity of his career—a slot at the legendary Tattoo City working for his artistic hero, Don Ed Hardy. He remains there still, with plans to ride the lucky train into the mists of infinity. Check out more examples of Kahlil’s work at tattoocitysf.com. Shawn Barber

Images Asian Style Tattoos CHAPTER 3 Tattoo Style Art Transfer Designs Angel Wings CHAPTER 4 Artists’ Gallery Chris Walkin Craig Driscoll Jen Lee Juan Puente Kahlil Rintye Shawn Barber Mary Joy Scott Robert Atkinson Shawn Warcot Fip Buchanan About the Author Dedication Acknowledgments Copyright Introduction I began tattooing in 1979 and it became my career in the fall of 1984, right after I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I have drawn all

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