Eggs, Beans and Crumpets

Eggs, Beans and Crumpets

P. G. Wodehouse

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0140033513

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When an Egg meets a Bean and they are bought a round of cocktails by a Crumpet, the stories fly fast and furious...there's a bit of luck for Mabel, Bingo Little manages to survive A Pekinese Crisis, and a spot of Romance at Droitwich Spa. Eggs Beans and Crumpets" is a masterpiece of comic writing.

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win to success by jumping over trucks in the presence of his prospective proprietor. Moodily, he went off and had a spot of lunch, and he was just getting outside his coffee when the result of the two o’clock came through on the tape. Pimpled Charlie had failed to finish in the first three. Providence, in other words, when urging him to put his chemise on the animal, had been pulling his leg. It was not the first time that this had happened. And by the afternoon post next day there arrived a

“Good-bye, precious.” “Good-bye, lambkin.” “Good-bye, my dream rabbit.” Bingo hung up the receiver, and made his way to the study. He found the proofs of “Tiny Fingers”, and taking pencil in hand seated himself at the desk and started in on them. His heart was heavier than ever. Normally, the news that his mother-in-law had been swallowing brine and was still coughing would have brought a sparkle to his eyes and a happy smile to his lips, but now it left him cold. He was thinking of the

meditation. But, as always happens when one wishes to concentrate and brood during a railway journey, he found himself closeted with a talkative fellow-traveller. The one who interrupted Freddie’s thoughts was a flabby, puffy man of middle age, wearing a red waistcoat, brown shoes, a morning coat and a bowler hat. With such a Grade A bounder, even had his mind been at rest, Freddie would have had little in common, and he sat chafing while the prismatic- fellow prattled on. Nearly an hour passed

enough to pay my fare to Ascot and back, my entrance fee to the grandstand and paddock, with a matter of fifteen bob over for lunch and general expenses and a thoughtful ten bob to do a bit of betting with. Financially, I was on velvet. Nor was there much wrong with the costume department. I dug out the trousers, the morning coat, the waistcoat, the shoes and the spats, and I tried on Tuppy’s topper again. And for the twentieth time I wished that old Tuppy, a man of sterling qualities in every

side till I arrived—always seemed glad to see me. I was the petted young neighbour. And then one afternoon in walked the Stepper. There have been occasions in my life, Corky, when, if I had seen a strange man walking up the path to the front door of the house where I was living, I should have ducked through the back premises and remained concealed in the raspberry bushes till he had blown over. But it so happened that at this time my financial affairs were on a sound and solid basis and I

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