Eleanor of Aquitaine: Heroine of the Middle Ages (Makers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance)

Eleanor of Aquitaine: Heroine of the Middle Ages (Makers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance)

Rachel A Koestler-Grack

Language: English

Pages: 158

ISBN: 079108633X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In addition to being queen consort of both Louis VII of France and Henry II of England, she was also the mother of Richard I the Lion-Heart and John of England.

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chess, and discussing business. King Henry trusted Becket so much that he put him in charge of raising 71 Eleanor of Aquitaine 72 the heir to the thrown—young Henry. Despite the fact that Henry was 16 years younger than Becket, the two men developed a strong friendship. In later years, however, their relationship turned disagreeable. Thomas Becket became an archbishop and worked as a champion of the Catholic Church. The two men often disagreed, and Becket defied King Henry’s rule on more

only son not to be involved in the plot against his father, would receive lands on both sides of the English Channel—in England and in France. Meanwhile, Queen Eleanor had been held captive for over a year. In August 1173, her husband fought in Poitou, and Queen Eleanor fled to her uncle’s castle. When the castle fell to King Henry’s soldiers, Eleanor escaped just in time and set out for Paris. By chance, on the road to Chartres, some of King Henry’s troops stopped a group of knights who were on

1183, Queen Eleanor had a vivid dream in which she saw what? a. She and her sons taking back power from King Henry b. The death of her husband c. The death of young King Henry d. The fall of Aquitaine 4 What happened to Queen Eleanor in 1186? a. Her third son, Geoffrey, and his wife had a child. b. Her husband granted her a divorce. c. Her third son, Geoffrey, got married. d. Her third son, Geoffrey, died. 97 Eleanor of Aquitaine 5 In what year did King Henry die? a. 1243 b. 1189 c. 1879

Philip had no right to give away these lands. Queen Eleanor’s pledge to the French king was still valid. Philip’s actions revealed his plan, however, to overthrow King John’s kingdoms in France. In the meantime, King John was preparing a counterattack. He assembled an army in southern Normandy. In July, John received alarming news. Duke Arthur had joined forces with the Lusignan rebels. The young duke learned that his grandmother was on her way to Poitiers. Realizing that Queen Eleanor would be a

valuable Aquitaine, and, furthermore, if Queen Eleanor remarried and had a son, Aquitaine would be lost forever. The argument made sense to King Louis, and he again changed his mind. After Easter, in 1149, King Louis and Queen Eleanor left for home on separate ships. A war was being waged between Sicily and Byzantium at the time, and the queen’s vessel was captured by Greek ships. The king’s ship escaped and landed at Calabria, Italy. For two months, no one heard from Queen Eleanor. In a letter

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