Emily Prickleback's Clever Idea (Magic Animal Friends #6)

Emily Prickleback's Clever Idea (Magic Animal Friends #6)

Daisy Meadows

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0545907438

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Best friends Jess and Lily visit Friendship Forest, where animals can talk and magic exists!

Jess and Lily can't wait to attend the Rushy River boat race in Friendship Forest! But when Grizelda sends her sand dragon to turn the Prickleback hedgehog family to stone, it's up to the girls and Emily Prickleback to find a way to change them back and save the river!

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“We have to make sure it never stops, or the river will disappear.” “Only the Pricklebacks know how to turn the wheel,” Goldie said. “That’s why I’ve come to ask them a favor.” Mr. Prickleback grinned. “Anything for you, Goldie,” he said. “Will you make the river flow a little more quickly, please?” she asked. “We want to give the boats a flying start!” The younger hedgehogs squealed in delight. “Of course,” said their dad. “Everyone, take your places!” Lily and Jess grinned at each other

brothers were right—you really are smart.” Emily’s nose turned pink again. “Coral Cove is close to here,” said Goldie. “It’s a little sandy beach where Willowtree River turns a corner. We just need to follow the river. Come on, let’s see if Dusty’s there!” Emily rode in Jess’s pocket, being careful not to prick her with her spines, as the three friends set off. “Good luck!” cried the Twinkletails. “Take care,” called Mr. Silverback. “Don’t worry!” Goldie shouted back. “We’ll save the

Her wings beat twice as fast as the other birds’ as she struggled to keep up. Lily tightened her arm around Emily and said to Jess, “Aren’t we lucky to have so many wonderful friends?” Jess nodded happily. “Look!” she cried, as they drew near the Treasure Tree. “There’s Dusty!” The dragon was lying on her back on the highest branch, her eyes closed and her wings outspread. “Captain Ace,” whispered Goldie, “can we go a little closer?” The stork nodded. They drifted along in silence. The

Emily climbed out of the basket. Dusty skidded to a stop beside them. Emily ran to her family and hugged the cold little stone figures. “You’ll be back to normal soon,” she said. “I promise!” “Dusty’s going to reverse the spell now,” said Goldie. “Stand back, Emily!” Dusty stood in front of the stone hedgehogs and chanted: “Dragon wings stop Dusty’s spell, Getting wet is great. Make hedgehogs be themselves again, And put the river straight.” The Pricklebacks started to turn from gray into

extra pink as her family hugged her again. Mr. Prickleback gasped. He pointed at the muddy ditch where Willowtree River was supposed to be flowing. “Oh, my prickles!” he cried. “The river is gone!” Mrs. Prickleback began hurrying toward the waterwheel. “The waterwheel has stopped! We have to get it turning again. Hurry, everyone!” The whole hedgehog family scrambled into their little wheels. “Ready, team?” asked Mr. Prickleback. “Ready!” they cried. “CURL!” Mr. Prickleback shouted. The

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