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Christine is demonically possessed, which you probably should declare to your insurance company. Aston Martin DB5, Goldfinger (1964) Goldfinger’s DB5 has a classic shape, a gorgeous sheen, and firing passengers out of the ejector seat never gets old. In Disney reboot news, Tim Burton has signed on to direct the live-action version of Dumbo. Danny Elephantman will write the score. WHEELS The Tumbler, Batman Begins (2005) When you’re bombing along at 100 mph, don’t risk a blow-out with flimsy

TALKING HEADS (CHAPTER 1, 02:46) “We still had corn. But mostly we had dust.” With one exception (Ellen Burstyn as old Murph), these interviews are taken from Ken Burns’ PBS doc The Dust Bowl. They’re actually talking about the drought that hit America in the 1930s. 4 2 ORGAN! (CHAPTER 1, 02:33) SCHOOL PRINCIPAL (CHAPTER 2, 09:46) Spot Star Cameo #1! That’s David Oyelowo, aka Selma’s Martin Luther King, as ‘School Principal’. Like MLK, Oyelowo’s well-meaning teacher has a dream. But it

fleetfooted study of Charlie Chaplin, Ackroyd glides engagingly over the set text for Alfred Hitchcock. He thought of actors as cattle. He became fixated with his leading ladies. He directed the film in his head before a camera turned. He was a genius, a true wonder, and a right perv. However, desperate to cover all 53 films, Ackroyd can’t evade the cycle of ‘he made this, then he made that’. And the Hitchcock-ups are unforgiveable. If the great director was obsessed with detail (everything from

HIS LIFECHANGER HIS FIRST FILM EXPLORERS (1985) DEAD POETS SOCIETY (1989) nt Ben Crandall, a kid who builds a spaceship “Explorers has been very much on my mind, with Boyhood coming out, and watching what Ellar (Coltrane) and Lorelei (Linklater) are going through as child actors. It reminds me a lot of what River (Phoenix) and I went through in different ways. There’s a certain melancholy around that.” Todd Anderson, a sensitive stude “I see clips of Dead Poets Society now, and I see it in

never seen in movies before. He’s this guy killing Taliban in the afternoon, then he picks his kids up from school and takes them to soccer practice. It’s like being a sniper from tens of thousands of miles away. Philip K. Dick couldn’t make this stuff up.” LB GOOD KILL IS OUT ON APRIL 10. • FACT Good Kill is Hawke’s third movie with Andrew Niccol, after Gattaca and Lord Of War. PREVIEW THE OSCARS RACE STARTS HERE A EMPIRE SELECTS THE BIG CONTENDERS FOR 2016 A BRIDGE OF SPIES SNOWDEN

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