Jonathan Bennett

Language: English

Pages: 284

ISBN: 177041035X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“Bennett demonstrates a real talent for evoking the affectless, indulgent ‘eccentricities’ of the surpassingly (and perpetually) wealthy . . . Bennett manages it all deftly. He can weave a tale and has the chops to keep it all in a literary vein . . . this is a good book with a crackerjack ending.” – The Globe and Mail “Bennett’s storytelling is effortless in its pace and time shifts, and his dialogue glints like a sharpened knife.” – The Walrus BackLit bonus material includes an author interview, discussion questions, and recommended reading.

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these skills when they get here? asked Mr. Aspinall. Andy looked over the side of the boat, as if help might be located in the lead-grey water below. He knew full well they weren’t. He’d heard all about how foreign doctors drove taxis and engineers cleaned office towers. His old teachers had taught him this too. Andy shook his head. What is it called, Mr. Aspinall queried, rubbing the whiskers under his chin, if you say something to someone, but know it isn’t true? 113 ENTITLEMENT It’s like a

of his father’s garage. Then, as easily, he was on the ice bursting through traffic, glimpsing the man’s smile of encouragement as he skated at the boards, eyes drifting from the puck for only a moment to register and refuel upon his father’s total absorption in him: that Kronk star, as he took a quick wrist shot from the point. He scored. His father’s dreams of his son were dead. ~ 133 ENTITLEMENT As daylight faded Trudy asked him to recall that first summer he’d spent at Huntington. Andy

So I thought it was great. I just had to be there in the background. I went almost unnoticed. ~ 139 ENTITLEMENT Andy left Trudy on her own for a few minutes so she could telephone her daughter one last time — it’s her bedtime she told him. He was making coffee and preparing dessert. Outside the light was fast fading. He could hear fragments of Trudy’s conversation, her tones sounding like a mother: soothing, over-interested, assured. As he scooped ice cream and fresh blueberries — bought

during his trip to England. Colin’s description was so precise Andy had felt as if he were there too. Now, years later, he recalled the tree as if he, and not Colin, had been the one to see it in person. The great solid arch of branches reaching out and down to form a series of perfect tunnels. But then, Colin’s voice breaks through. They are like the catacombs, Andy! You can duck down inside them and come out in a completely different spot. It’s so wonderful to be hidden by the branches. Do you

periodically, lifted her feet off the ground, expecting to be swung forward and back. ~ 29 ENTITLEMENT As the last few audience members filed out and drifted away down Toronto’s streets, a long black limousine pulled up outside the theatre. Jim Nadeau watched as Mr. Stuart Aspinall got out and waited down the street beyond the backstage door. Aspinall was dressed in a grey suit with a light blue tie. His thinning hair was short. They shook hands firmly. Davida Duttington was one of this

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