Fade Out

Fade Out

Patrick Tilley

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0722185103

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

War of the Raven

I'm With Stupid (Felton Reinstein Trilogy, Book 3)

My Heart and Other Black Holes

Oracle Night

Choke Hold

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cave. A treasure house of technology. Why, just the power unit alone might provide the answer to our energy problems. And think what it would mean to the Air Force if we could discover how Crusoe causes the radar fade-out.’ ‘I’m glad you finally agree with me, Arnold.’ Connors tried not to smile at Wedderkind’s political somersault. ‘Let’s get back to basics. Do we go for a second insertion?’ ‘Yes, I’ll go.’ ‘Arnold, you’re not going anywhere. If you had to carry that backpack you’d need an

lifetimes anyway.’ Fraser shrugged. ‘The tapes were good enough for me. The President wanted to go but I advised him against it. What good did it do you? You practically shook hands with Friday. Are you any the wiser?’ It was Connors’ turn to shrug. Fraser smiled. ‘What are you pleading, the Fifth Amendment? Relax. According to the medical reports you’re still R. J. Connors.’ ‘It’s curious how you’re really bugged by that idea,’ said Connors. ‘Don’t tell me you seriously thought that Crusoe

worry. I’ll see you get out okay. Where are the boys?’ ‘They’re around somewhere. Probably over on the fence waitin’ to see the plane come in.’ Volkert went back over the road to where the yellow Crow Ridge diesel was parked with its motor idling. It had one of the prefab units loaded on its trailer. Three young men with blue helmets were sitting in the cab. ‘Hi,’ said Volkert. ‘You expecting somebody?’ ‘Yeah, in about ten minutes,’ said the nearest blue hat. He had the name LARSEN stencilled

wavelength beyond visible light.’ ‘And easier to understand,’ said the President. ‘But we’re not going to announce we haven’t made a visual sighting.’ Connors looked at Fraser. ‘Since the Air Force controls all the tracking cameras, all you have to do is think of a reason why the Defense Department is sitting on the pictures. Would you like us to draft a press release?’ ‘No, that’s okay,’ said Fraser. ‘I think we might just be able to manage that.’ ‘I think – just to co-ordinate things – we

time everyone thought he was trying to be funny. Max’s suggestion to use a high-pressure hose got a better reception. They would need to cut lines for drainage. Then a controlled, continuous blast of water would wash away the loose soil and shale around Crusoe. Everyone suddenly felt optimistic. Sluice mining, as it was called, had been used successfully in several commercial operations for a number of years, and during the Yom Kippur War the Egyptians had used it to punch a hole through the

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