Fifth Formers at St. Clare's (St Clare's, Book 6)

Fifth Formers at St. Clare's (St Clare's, Book 6)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 117

ISBN: 1405228776

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Miss Cornwallis is mistress of the fifth form. Hilary Wentworth is a calm and dignified head-girl. Being in the fifth form means quite a lot of changes – for example, the girls have got studies of their own now, instead of common rooms and dormitories, the first – and second-formers have got to work for them. For some reason, Mirabel has been made games captain for the school, and Gladys vice captain. It is not explained why or how Mirabel has developed such good sporting abilities, nor is it explained why she is no longer musical. In her first term at St Clare's she was written as a very musical girl, talented at the piano and the violin.

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intense concentration and attention. Carlotta let out an enormous yawn which drew Miss Willcox's wrath upon her. Then Claudine said she felt sick and please could she go out of the room ? ' It is astonishing how many times you manage to feel sick when you want to miss some part of a lesson,' said Miss Willcox, irritated. ' Go straight to Matron, please, and tell her.' ' I would rather not,' said Claudine, politely. ' I do not feel sick enough for that. I can be sick in here if you would rather

But she had never stopped worrying about Angela, and she longed to make up the quarrel with her, and do things for her again. She sat in prep. and debated things in her mind. How could she become friends with Angela again ? How could she do her jobs instead of Violet, who, after the upset with Antoinette, had been taken back into favour again. She could not for the life of her think how to get back into Angela's good books. 'You seem to be lost in dreams, Jane,' said Miss Roberta's voice. 'I

greatest amazement. Claudine hurried off to join the debate downstairs. Alma stepped out of the alcove, her little eyes gleaming. So that was where the fifth form kept their stores. They must be going to have a party of some kind, and they hadn't told her a word about it ! Alma was trembling with rage. How mean every one was ! It had been bad enough in the starchy sixth form the last term, but really, the fifth form were even worse, the way they left her out of things. Alma walked into her own

Otherwise we'd either of us love it. It's the thing I'd like best in the world at the moment. I love St. Clare's, and I'm proud of belonging to it. If I could do something for it I would-but I don't want to do something that I can't share with Isabel.' ' I feel the same about that,' said Isabel. ' But if we did have the honour of being asked, either of us, to be head-girl, we'd say no. Anyway, there are plenty of others who would make better head-girls than we should.' At that very moment the

well, some of them much better than others, of course. The twins rarely quarrelled, and had so much the same tastes and likings that sharing a study was, for them, a thing of delight. Bobby and Janet too were very happy together, and so were Mirabel and Gladys. It was queer at first to get used to sending for the younger ones to do odd jobs. But on the whole that was quite a good idea too. Many of the first formers, for instance, had been head-girls, or at least in the top forms of their prep.

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