Fight for You

Fight for You

Language: English

Pages: 69


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Sold off to pay her father's debts, Cherry spends her nights dancing and her days longing for freedom. Determined to break free of her life, she transfers from the dancehalls to the stadiums where all the real money is made.

The only problem with her plan is that she does not know how to fight. In order to learn, Cherry approaches Berlin, one of the best fighters in the stadium. Berlin, however, wants nothing to do with her, and Cherry realizes the hardest fights do not take places in the arena .. .

Queer Globalizations: Citizenship and the Afterlife of Colonialism

Queer Globalizations: Citizenship and the Afterlife of Colonialism

Blending Genders

















around her hips, pressing her against the tunnel wall and licking into her mouth. She came back to herself when Cherry moaned and rocked her hips, and she moved away so suddenly that Cherry fell to the ground. Berlin tried to look away, but the image was already burned into her mind:  sweat soaked Cherry sprawled on the ground, panting, gazing up at her with dark hungry eyes. "Damn it, Cherry—" "Stop." Cherry got to her feet and put herself in Berlin's face. "It's okay for you to want me. I

And then Cherry was left alone with Berlin, the doctor, and the horror of what had happened. Cherry held Berlin's hand as the doctor wrapped her ribs tightly to hold them in place. She was right there the entire time, but part of her was far away. Over and over she played the fight in her mind, imagining all the ways it could have gone even worse. Berlin could have died—she almost had and there was no guarantee her injuries weren't worse than they looked. Cherry could have lost her forever … and

knock me out a dozen times a day, you're not giving me advice, and you're not telling me anything!" Berlin kept still and emotionless, waiting out Cherry's outburst. "Fighting isn't about telling. It's about watching. I can't teach you anything you couldn't figure out on your own." With no warning Berlin pounced forward, grabbed Cherry's ponytail, and let the momentum send her face first to the ground. With a slap to Cherry's bottom, Berlin left the practice area. Cherry flipped onto her back,

felt good. She poured more across her chest and shoulders to wash away the sweat and dirt and realized the babbling had stopped. Finally. She turned and saw Cherry frozen and staring at her. She set the pitcher aside and pushed her dripping red hair out of her eyes. "You want me to train you?" Cherry nodded furiously. "Yes. I want to be a fighter. I want to get out of The Zone." Without warning, Berlin launched herself forward, tackling Cherry and bearing her to the ground with no resistance.

silence while she weighed her options. "After I know he's okay, I could go with you. I'm not a child anymore; I can't live with him forever. I have to start my own life." "I'd like that." Cherry smiled brightly and rolled onto her side to look at Berlin. Now that there was someone else to share in her fantasy, she wanted to dream even more. "What would you do, in Valeria?" Berlin hesitated. "C'mon. Tell me," Cherry begged teasingly. "I'd like to open an inn." "Yeah?" Cherry's enthusiasm

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