Five Have a Mystery to Solve (Famous Five, Book 20)

Five Have a Mystery to Solve (Famous Five, Book 20)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 75


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Whispering Island - another mysterious place, with a million stories sorrounding it ...Is it haunted? The Five are intrigued, but scared, too. Are they brave enough to go there and find out ...

The Wheels on the Bus (Traditional Songs)

The Sneezing Christmas Tree

Awful Auntie

Mickey's Christmas Carol














warmer at once. �We might as well leave our bathing-things under the bush where we left our clothes,’ said George. �At least we’ll know it’s the same cove, if we find them there!’ �The thing is - what are we going to do now?’ said Julian, worried. �No boat to get back in - and why on earth did we choose one called Adventure! We might have known something would happen!’ Chapter Ten THE FIVE ARE IN A FIX Julian went to the mouth of the cove and looked out over the waves, hoping that he might

went, much to Timmy’s surprise. The others looked down anxiously. Gould Dick open the well-door? What would he find behind it? Quick, Dick, quick - everybody’s waiting for you! Chapter Twelve A GREAT SURPRISE - AND A SHOCK FOR GEORGE As soon as Dick shouted �STOP’ Julian and George hung on to the rope to stop it going down any further. Dick was swinging just opposite the strange door. He began to feel round it, and to jiggle it. It had no lock, apparently, but there was a bolt on his side. He

for this place - Wailing Cliff’ said Dick. �I say - what a wind up here! I’m glad my hair’s my own! It would certainly be blown off if it weren’t! Hang on to old Timmy, George - he’s more blowable than we are - not so heavy!’ George put her hand on Timmy’s collar at once. How DREADFUL if Timmy were to be blown over the cliff! He gave her a grateful lick. He didn’t like the wind here very much - it had a truly miserable voice! They came to the edge of the cliff and looked down cautiously, in

man could feel the dog’s hot breath. The man’s head struck against the edge of a chest, and he was suddenly still and silent. �Knocked out, I do believe!’ said Dick to himself, and very cautiously shone his torch round. Yes - there was the man on the floor, eyes closed, unmoving! George was at the open door, looking out, Timmy by her side. �Dick! I’m taking Timmy down the secret way through the cliffs. I’ll be perfectly safe with him.’ �I must tell Julian,’ said Dick. �He’s still at the top of

panorama! What miles of sea and sky!’ She put her bicycle against a gate and then climbed over and stood by herself, gazing down at the view. Dick joined her. Then suddenly a voice shouted loudly �FORE! FORE!’ A small white thing came whizzing through the air and landed just by Anne’s foot. She jumped in surprise. �It’s a golf-ball,’ said Dick. �No, don’t pick it up. Whoever’s playing with it, has to come and hit it from exactly where it fell. Good thing you weren’t hit, Anne. I didn’t realize

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