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Florencewalks Audio Guide proves to listeners that much of Florence's art is found not only in her world famous museums but on her streets as well. Florencewalks takes visitors on four intimate walking tours, revealing the treasures that can only be fully appreciated by those on foot. The neighborhoods include Dante's Florence; The Streets of the Renaissance Princes; Markets, Bazaars, and Antiques; and the Artisans' Quarter. Stroll down hushed alleys permeated with the aroma of fresh spices and produce. Enter sun-washed piazzas flanked by churches, artisans' workshops, and grand palazzo. Each tour leads visitors through centuries of Italian history and architecture, showing them the undisputed charms of this lovely city and revealing the scandals and anecdotes buried in its vivid and volatile past.

These four intimate walking tours can take as little as two hours or as long as a morning or afternoon, depending on whether you stop at shops, museums, or cafes which are pointed out along the way. You can also listen to the tapes before you leave to help you plan your day in Florence and they will be an enjoyable reminder for you when you return.


















century, via de’ Pecori and the surrounding streets of the market were the scene of business transactions of every kind, many unsavory, carried out in alleyways and warehouses. The old families no longer found it fashionable or desirable to live near the market. After two or three hundred years of living where they worked, the merchants began to build new houses on the outskirts of Florence. They moved to the suburbs and left the city problems to the city dwellers. Their abandoned houses and

talk is all hypocrisy, To make believe to simple ears, That still the maiden wreath she wears. To make matters worse, he even suggested that she was a seductress of other women’s husbands: That dame who singing there you see Is a witch of this our Tuscany, Who up and down the city flies, Deceiving people with her lies, Saying to one: The truth to tell I know you love your husband well; But you will find, on close inspection, Another has his fond affection. Now the fairy, who had good

also. Tickets and information for plays and musical events can be procured also at the box offices of three of Florence’s best-known theaters. Teatro Niccolini is at via Ricasoli 3; plays and concerts are held several times a week in this sumptuous seventeenth-century hall. A smaller, intimate theater with a wide selection of dramatic events is the Teatro dell’Oriuolo at via dell’Oriuolo 31. Across the Arno, at Borgo San Jacopo 36, is the more experimental theater group Teatro il Punto; their

for the sight of the English language or in the mood for some light conversational news stories, then by all means buy it. These papers are sold in the many newsstands around the train station. Swimming facilities in and around Florence can be crowded, so brace yourself for a lot of company if you venture out to the pools. Children will enjoy the playgrounds and swimming at Campo di Marte (take bus number 17 from the train station). Bus A also leaves from the station and goes to the Piscina le

its back to their palazzos. Brunelleschi’s death in 1446 temporarily interrupted construction. Finally, in 1487, the church was completed. The façade is noticeably simple. This is the way that Brunelleschi wanted it, and despite a brief but aborted plan in 1792 to jazz it up with sculptures and marble mosaics, the residents of the Santo Spirito neighborhood like it and want to keep it this way. Church of Santo Spirito At the height of the Renaissance, the church provided the quarter with more

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